Quick Facts

  • More than 350 students enrolled in grades 9-12.
  • Sixty-eight students in the senior class.
  • School families represent over 140 different local churches.
  • The student body is made up of a cross section of social and economic groups.
  • Student average test scores are above the local, state and national average on the TerraNova Achievement Test.
  • Ninety percent of students choose a college preparatory track.
  • Ninety-five percent of all LCS graduates pursue post-secondary education
  • The student body comprises academically talented students who strive within the college preparatory curriculum and students with learning disabilities who are challenged through Special Programs and basic courses.

More Info

High School

Each student brings unique God-given talents and skills to the school setting. The administration and teachers create an environment which develops, strengthens and applies those talents and skills. A variety of activities in the classroom, on the playing field, in the music hall and in the community enables these students to grow mentally, physically and spiritually.

Although the high school program offers both general and college preparatory diplomas, more than 90% of Lakeland Christian School students choose a college preparatory track. We offer both honors and Advanced Placement courses, and our students consistently score above the national average on college entrance exams and Advanced Placement tests.

Students choose from electives such as computers, art, drafting, home economics, drama, band, chorus and journalism. Our goal is to provide an academically excellent high school curriculum based on a biblical worldview that encourages life-long learning.