Important Reminders from Student Services

Parents, please be reminded of these important notes from the Student Services Office:

1.     If your secondary student (grades 6-12) checks in to school after 8:15 AM, it is considered an absence. The student must have a note (either that day or a subsequent day) or a parent present to check in, or the absence will be considered unexcused.

2.     If parents and/or guests are going to be on campus for any reason, they must sign in through Lobbyguard with a photo ID or Lobbyguard key fob. This is for the safety of our students.

3.     If you are checking your student out to leave campus, you must bring your photo ID.

4.     We cannot send students out to waiting vehicles, so you must come in to check the student out in order for him or her to leave campus.

5.     If your student is a driver and needs to check out to leave campus, a parent must send an email to Stephanie Hicks at The email needs to include the student’s name, checkout time, the reason the student is checking out, a parent’s name and the parent’s contact phone number.

6.     If you are bringing an item to school that your student has forgotten, please tell your child to check with Student Services. If the student does not know the parent is bringing the item, he or she will be notified at the end of the current class period or when the student has a study hall. We do not interrupt class instruction time to deliver a forgotten item to a student.