Don’t Forget to Collect Your BoxTops!

Please clip and save Box Tops logos that are found on Cheerios, Chex Mix, Fruit Roll-Ups and many more products. You can also earn eBox Tops by shopping online at stores like JC Penney, the Apple Store and Barnes & Noble. Visit for a list of all eligible products and partnering stores.  Elementary students can turn their Box Tops into their teachers, and secondary students can donate their labels to any elementary class.  Please spread the word! This is a great way for grandparents and other relatives to help out our school, too!

For the month of October, we can get an additional benefit for our school through General Mills’ “Box Tops Bonus App”.  According to THE LEDGER, “Through October, users can scan receipts into the app and it will credit the school of their choice with 10 cents for every item on the receipt with a Box Top Bonus coupon.  The ‘bonus:’ those Box Tops can also be submitted traditionally for another 10 cents.”  The article goes on to say, “The app will feature different bonus opportunities in the future. “  In closing, the article quotes a teacher who said, “The app is very easy to use.  Just create an account, select your school, go to the grocery store, scan your receipt, and you are good to go.”