RISE Expo Night Winners Announced

Several LCS students displayed their work at the RISE Expo night on Monday, February 6.  Photos from the event can be found on the RISE website at www.lcsrise.com.   

The judges included a distinguished group of physicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, finance and logistics professionals,  engineers, teachers, and Florida Southern College business honor society members. 

Congratulations to the LCS students who won awards for their projects:


  • 1st place: Mitchell Davis, Jacob Fuller, Hayden Patteson
  • 2nd place: Katherine Miller
  • 3rd place: Neil Dave

Jr. Experimental Science:

  • 1st place: Neil Dave
  • 2nd place: Kerri Salmon
  • 3rd place: Caleb DeBoer

Sr. Experimental Science:

  • 1st place: Julia Canady
  • 2nd place: Rachel DiMezza, Tom Bowers, Evan McLoughlin
  • 3rd place: Trey Russell

Dr. Tom Houghton Memorial Book Awards:

  • Leadership: Carlton Howard
  • Independence: Katherine Miller
  • Collaboration: Mitchell Davis
  • Grit: Julia Canady
  • Creativity: Sydney Curls
  • Kindness: Hunter Laurell

Special Awards:

  • Creation Care: Rachel Branham
  • Referee Award: Bryce Benton
  • Magellan Award: Clay Corbett
  • Steve Jobs Award: Max Drost