Important Parking Lot Reminders

As the school year winds down, please keep in mind these parking lot guidelines:

1.     Please pay special attention during morning drop off and afternoon pick up when there are lots of kids around.  Look carefully before backing up to make sure no one is behind you.

2.     Please do not use your cell phones.

3.     Do not park in areas marked with “No Parking” signs.

4.     Please do not block the crosswalk.

5.     Please refrain from parking in spaces with “Reserved” signs. Both the main lot and the gym lot have reserved spaces that were won at the school auction. Their winning bid assured them that they would have access to these locations 24/7 throughout the year. Please do not pull in for even a brief stay.

6.     Unless your vehicle displays the proper authorization, please do not park in the handicap spaces.

7.     Please do not park in the numbered spaces reserved for our students.