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Special Programs (ESE)

About Special Programs (ESE)

At Lakeland Christian School, we recognize that students have different academic needs and often learn at different paces. Mild learning disabilities and/or attentional issues can be discouraging for students. Through the Special Programs (ESE) Department, LCS seeks to provide a resource setting at an additional cost for students with mild disabilities who can mainstream into the rigorous academic curriculum in the regular classroom. Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade can benefit from these services.

Students in this program function at average to above-average levels and are diagnosed with mild disabilities in the areas of:

  • Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
  • ADHD
  • Processing Deficits
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • High-functioning Autism

For more specific information concerning billing levels and corresponding services, see the brochures below:

Applying for Special Programs (ESE)

For Students with a current or previous Accommodation Plan (Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or Service Plan), a pre-screening application is required. Due to limited space and resources, the required pre-screening application assists in determining the likelihood of a successful transition into our rigorous academic environment.

Once the online pre-screening application is submitted, there will be an initial review of documentation to determine academic eligibility. The following information is necessary to assess suitability of our program for the needs of your child.  Please remit the requested documentation online or to the Admission Office for review by the Special Programs Department.

Additional ESE Required Documentation:

  • Accommodation plan (IEP, 504, Service Plan, Medical 504 Plan, etc.)
  • Initial and most recent psychological report (most recent must be within 3 years)
  • Forward Professional Medical Diagnosis Form to the applicant’s current physician
  • ESE Teacher Reference Questionnaire is required in addition to the Teacher Reference Questionnaire and generated during the online application.


There are five levels of ESE support for students in elementary school, ranging from consultative services to daily academic support for the students.  Certified teachers work with the K-5 students, with primary instruction being offered in the areas of math and language arts.


Students in grades six through twelve are mainstreamed into regular classrooms.  All subjects are taught at a college preparatory level with the exception of middle school basic classes and high school core classes in math and English. ESE certified teachers work with students who participate in a daily supported resource room. The resource personnel assist with personal organization, academic accountability and test prep/work completion. Students can also receive test and classroom accommodations through this program.

Other Services

The Special Programs/ESE Department at Lakeland Christian School also offers speech/language therapy with private clinicians through federal funding to qualified students.  In addition, a school psychologist works as a private consultant and can complete psychological testing on a private pay basis.