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Admission Standards

Our admissions standards reflect our commitment to serve as a partner with the home and the local church in the Christian education of our students. We ask that the following admissions standards are met by our students and their families:

Shared Goals

LCS is most effective when working with families who share spiritual and academic goals compatible with the mission of the school. Admissions priority is given to families who give evidence of their spiritual commitment by faithful participation in a local church and attention to the Scriptures in their home. Families demonstrate commitment to the school’s academic goals by a record of consistent attendance and support of the teachers’ efforts to promote the priority of learning in the life of the student.

Cooperative Spirit

Each family and each student admitted to LCS is expected to exhibit a cooperative spirit. Parents and students should read the Family Handbook (available on the website) for a description of the school’s standards and expectations. Every school has policies and procedures related to dress, attendance, communication, punctuality, conduct, demeanor, and academics. A spirit of cooperation and partnership in these areas is essential for an effective educational experience. Negative attitudes about the Christian faith or the school prevent admission. Students in grades six through twelve complete a student application and interview that provides them an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of school life that may be of concern to them.

Academic Record

An applicant’s academic record must indicate that the student is adequately prepared for the instructional program at LCS. If a student has been receiving special support services (504 Plan, IEP, other therapies), paperwork describing those services should be provided by the parent.  Students are expected to take their academic responsibilities seriously. Applicants who have exhibited a persistent lack of effort or uncooperative spirit will not be admitted.

Disciplinary Record

LCS does not admit students who have a history of disciplinary problems. Students who have been expelled from other schools will not be admitted.

K4, K5 and First Grade

Students must meet the age and maturity standards of the school. Documentation for all required immunizations and physical examination must be on file prior to final admission. An admission screening is scheduled for all incoming elementary students. Children who are four years old and developmentally ready may begin our K4 program. Students must be five years old by September 1 to enter K5, and six years old by September 1 to enter first grade.

Online Application

Apply Online

When to Apply

Lakeland Christian School encourages families to begin the application process as soon as possible. The online application must be completed and submitted along with the $150 non-refundable application fee for grades K5-12 or $50 non-refundable applciation fee for K4.  In addition, the required supplemental forms must be recieved before the application will be considered.

Wait Pool Policy

For any grade level in which capacity has been met, you may choose to continue with the online application (including payment of the application fee) and be placed in the waiting pool in the event that space becomes available. If the grade level remains full, you may choose to keep your application in the pool until the following school year, at which time the application fee will be applied accordingly. Likewise, if the grade level remains full, you may also remove your application from the waiting pool at any time and receive a 50 percent refund of the application fee.

How to Apply

The Admissions area of our website is designed to make the application process as simple as possible using our online application. We require families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their admission after their application has been submitted. If your student has received ESE services, has a current IEP or 504 Plan, please contact the Admissions Office at (863) 688-2771 before beginning the online application process.

Creating an Online Application

To begin the online application process, click the “Apply Online” link above. Then log into your account and create A new student application for your child. You will then have the flexibility to log in and out of your account and access your open application. After submitting the application, you will be able to track your admissions status at the school by logging into your account. There you will be able to print the completed applications, monitor when the school receives supplemental application forms, and if necessary reprint the supplemental forms. Please see “General Application Process/List” below for a list of supplemental forms.  If you have any questions, please call the Admissions Office at (863) 688-2771 and we will assist you.

Request More Information

Should you desire more information than is available in our online materials, please Request More Information and our Admissions Office will contact you.

We Look Forward to Meeting You

If you have not already done so, please consider making an appointment to visit our school. We would very much like to meet you and let you tour our campus. We appreciate your interest, and hope to assist you any way we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Julie Rice Director of Enrollment


Trial Period

A trial period of nine weeks is required for all new students. The work load, discipline and environment require a considerable adjustment for many students. Should a change be necessary at the end of this period, a conference with the parent will be arranged.

Financial Commitment

Christian education involves financial sacrifice for many families. The school works hard to plan effectively and control tuition costs. It is essential that families meet their obligations to the school in order to maintain financial stability. Please note that if a student is withdrawn during a semester, the full semester’s tuition is due.

Nondiscriminatory Policy

Lakeland Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin in its admission policies or in the administration of its programs.

General Application Process/List

We appreciate your interest in applying to Lakeland Christian School. If you have questions at any time during the application process, please contact the admissions office at (863) 688-2771. All applications must be submitted online. Your child’s application is considered complete and ready to process when the school has received the following items:
  • Copy of certified birth certificate
  • Immunization records on Florida Department of Health form DH-680
  • Current physical examination on Florida Department of Health form DH-3040
  • Two consecutive grade level report cards; current year and previous final year (for students entering grades 2-12)
  • Most recent standardized test results (for students entering grades 4-12)
  • Complete transcript (for students entering grades 11 and 12)
  • Church and General Ed. Teacher Reference Forms are required and generated during the online application.


All K4 through fifth-grade students will be tested for placement.  There are no additional fees for testing (with the exception of additional special education admissions testing, if required).



After you have submitted the above items, you will be contacted by the school’s registrar to schedule a parent interview with the principal.  In grades 6-12, a student interview is also required.  You will be asked to share about your personal faith and current level of involvement in your church.  The principal will briefly explain the purpose of Christian education, provide an overview of our program, and give you time to ask whatever questions you may have concerning the school.  If desired, parents may schedule a meeting with the Business Office.  All students with the McKay Scholarship must meet with the Business Office.


Admissions Committee:

After completion of all of the above, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  If your child meets the admissions requirements but there are no spaces currently available in that grade, you will be given an opportunity to keep your application active in the waiting pool.



Upon your child’s acceptance, you will receive a letter from the Admissions Office.

Payment of the matriculation fee is required before your child is officially enrolled. At least one parent must attend an orientation meeting with the Headmaster. You will be notified of upcoming dates and times for this required meeting.


Special Programs Additional Application Information

At Lakeland Christian School, we recognize that students have different academic needs and often learn at different paces. Mild learning disabilities and/or attention issues can be frustrating and discouraging for students. Through the Special Programs/Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department, LCS seeks to assist these students.

The ESE program is designed to provide a resource setting for students with mild disabilities who can mainstream into the regular classroom.  Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade can benefit from these services.

Currently, there are approximately 75 students enrolled in the ESE program.  Students in this program are diagnosed with mild disabilities such as the following:

  • Specific Learning Disability (SLD)
  • Language Disability
  • Visual/Auditory Processing Disorders
  • Asperger’s Syndrome

For Students with a current Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Accommodation Plan:

Once the online application is submitted, there will be an initial review of documentation to determine academic eligibility.  The following information is necessary to assess suitability of our program for the needs of your child.  Please remit the requested documentation to the Admission Office for review by the Special Programs Department.

Additional ESE Required Documentation:

  • Accommodation plan (IEP, 504, Service Plan, Medical 504 Plan, etc.)
  • Initial and most recent psychological report (most recent must be within 3 years)
  • Forward Professional Medical Diagnosis Form to applicant’s current physician
  • ESE Teacher Reference Form is required in addition to the Gen. Ed. Teacher Reference Form and generated during the online application.


There are five levels of ESE support for students in elementary school, ranging from consultative services to daily academic support for the students.  Certified teachers work with the K-5 students, with primary instruction being offered in the areas of math and language arts.


Students in grades six through twelve are mainstreamed into regular classrooms.  All subjects are taught at a college preparatory level with the exception of middle school basic classes and high school core classes in math and English (as needed).  Students receive resource support instruction during a daily guided study hall period.  The resource personnel assist with personal organization, academic accountability and test prep/work completion.  Students can also receive test and classroom accommodations through this program.

Other Services


The Special Programs/ESE Department at Lakeland Christian School also offers speech/language therapy with private clinicians through federal funding to qualified students.  In addition, a school psychologist works as a private consultant and can complete psychological testing on a private pay basis.

For information on the LCS Discovery Program (serving students with autism), please click here.