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Fine Arts Patron

The Music Department at Lakeland Christian School boasts one of the most talented group of student musicians and performers in Polk County. By becoming a Special Events Patron, you can have the opportunity to see these students from the very front row. From the youngest students to the oldest, there are several programs throughout the school year that members can enjoy.

The LCS Fine Arts Department invites all family and friends of LCS to become a Special Events Patron and enjoy up-front seats to selected events during the school year. This club helps provide financial assistance for the music programs at Lakeland Christian School.

For members, the Music Department will reserve the front row of seats in the audience. These seats will be held until five minutes before the start of the program. You may also allow friends to use your seats if you will not be attending one of the programs.

If you have questions about becoming a Special Events Patron, please contact the Fine Arts Department at 863-688-2771.