International Student Spotlight: Erica Xiao and Fred Jiang

The International Student Program at LCS is growing!  This year we have eight students in grades 9-12.  Two of our new students, Erica Xiao and Fred Jiang, were classmates in China before joining our 10th-grade class this year.  Erica and Fred shared about their transition to LCS and life in the US to help us get to know them in this week’s International Student Spotlight. 

Where are you from? 
Chongqing, which is in southwest China


What was your school in China like
We studied at Chongqing Foreign Language School, where every student studies a foreign language such as English, Spanish, or Japanese.


Why did you decide to study in the United States?
Erica: China’s education is test-based and there is no time for activities.  In America there is more time for hobbies and interests.
Fred: To prepare for my dream school.


What activity would you like to try in the US?
Both: Archery.

What is one activity you did in China that we do not do at LCS?
Erica: Play pingpong.
Fred: Play badminton.


Why did you choose to study at LCS?
Fred: It is too cold at the other school I applied to! 


What is one difference you have found between the US and China?Erica: A difference in culture.  In China I have to take off my shoes before I enter someone’s home, but not in America.
Fred: The food…there is cheese on everything in America.


What is your favorite food in the US?
Erica: tacos
Fred: pizza and ice cream


What is your favorite subject?
Erica: Art.  I like drawing.
Fred: Math.  Mr. Livesay is humorous.

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