I Did Not Want To Go To Lakeland Christian School

I did not want to go to LCS.

This might come as a surprise to you considering I’m two years out of high school and still enjoy writing a blog for my alma mater. I’ll take you back to the first time I had ever heard of Lakeland Christian School.

My best friend since birth and her two younger siblings were what us at LCS like to call “lifers”. Throughout our childhood, all I knew was that Chloe went to a school where they had Bible classes.

The Bible

…...at school!!!

It was so foreign to me that I couldn’t even imagine learning about the Bible anywhere other than church. So there it was, my first impression of LCS.

Fast forward to the end of eighth grade when my parents told me they were considering enrolling my brother and me in this school where they taught about the Bible. As a 13-year-old, trying out all the new things discovered in the public school system, it seemed like this would be the end of my social well being. The twenty-minute drive to school from Plant City every morning did not appeal to me. Neither did the uniforms or replacing my “normal high school experience” with running into first graders on my way to the cafeteria. Looking back now it seems silly that I dwelled on these things because the desires I had at the time were so very fleeting. The one factor that made me slightly second guess my defiance was the turf soccer field, that part was cool.


Lesson #1 The only way God can show us He is in control is by putting us in situations only He can control

This decision was not taken lightly. My parents talked about how they were putting a lot of thought and prayer into this decision. To be transparent, I prayed every night (and made every 11:11 o'clock wish) that I could stay with my friends and go to the public high school that I planned to go to ever since my first day of kindergarten. Then, through God’s provision, and totally out of my control, I was enrolled for ninth grade at Lakeland Christian School.


Lesson #2 Nothing good comes out of comfort zones.

My first couple of weeks in this new place were far from easy. I was discouraged that my classmates had known each other their whole lives, I was confused about why I didn’t have to put a lock on my locker, I felt awkward when I didn’t know the pledge to the Christian flag, and I was way out of my comfort zone. I missed my friends, I was frustrated that middle schoolers attended our pep rallies, and I was mad that God had not answered my prayers. Or so I thought. (As a side note, always be welcoming to new students because the people who made an effort to make me feel cared for are the ones that made a difference) I soon learned that had I stayed in my comfort zone I would have never grown as I did during those few weeks and that my unanswered prayers were actually blessings in disguise.


Lesson #3 God’s plan is far better and more fulfilling than anything you can plan on your own.

Eventually, I adjusted to the new reality of praying out loud before class, found the friends that would mold my high school experience, learned more lessons on the soccer field than one would ever believe, and grew to love the fact that I could see little kids on the playground when transitioning from class to class. As I began to find my place in leadership positions, very challenging classes, and truly impactful relationships I had no idea the plans that God was setting into motion through these seemingly small details of my life.

My experiences at this school where they teach about the Bible also taught me that I need accountability in my life to stay on the right track and that Christian community is absolutely necessary. It prepared me for college academia and gave me high school memories that I will look back on without regret. However, I think it’s important to understand that LCS is not what got me to where I am today but is certainly a tool that God used mightily.

So here is my confession that is long overdue: Mom and Dad, you were right, but I’m giving credit to the man upstairs for this one.

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