"Enter Into the Joy of the Lord" - In Memory of Evelyn Wheeler Towler

 Dr. Mike Sligh and Evelyn Wheeler Towler

Dr. Mike Sligh and Evelyn Wheeler Towler

What if you were approached by five businessmen and asked to start a Christian school in a community that had never had one? What if you were in your early thirties, had some teaching experience, but had never run a school before? The men who were asking you to do this had no experience in doing this either. They just sensed that God wanted them to do this for their own children and for other families in Lakeland. Oh, and they weren't sure how or how much they could pay you. Would you be up for the challenge?

Evelyn Wheeler Towler passed away Friday morning, September 29, at the age of 93. She was the founding principal of LCS in 1954. She took that challenge to start LCS. She actually left LCS a few years later but returned to serve a second stint when the school struggled in its infancy. She was my principal beginning in fourth grade departing again during my ninth grade year. The board and faculty had high turnover in those fledgling years. She left LCS in 1964, and I lost contact with her for many years. We reconnected years ago and she came to the Christmas musical, musicals, and plays, usually with Nancy Snyder who faithfully stayed in touch with her and visited her in Dunedin.

I recall one of my last conversations with her. She said, "Speak up, Mike. I'm getting as deaf as a post!" She prayed for LCS faithfully and sent us a donation every month from her modest fixed income throughout her later years. The last few years she would send me an encouraging note a couple of times a year, apologizing that she couldn't visit us more and expressing her prayer support and her pride in what the Lord had done with the small beginnings. She never mentioned her role in getting it all started. On the human level, had she not been faithful, perhaps LCS would not have existed and most of us would never know each other!!

A couple of verses come to mind-

"Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." Psalm 116:15

"Well done thou good and faithful servant...enter into the joy of the Lord." Matt. 25:23

We stand on the shoulders of so many whose past faithfulness has provided what we know today as LCS. This is our time to be faithful, supportive, and protective of what God has done and is doing here. Who will step up to take Evelyn’s place in faithful prayer and monthly financial support for LCS?

Be encouraged this Lord’s Day as you worship the God who knows, provides, and cares for His saints and carries us all the way to our heavenly home.   

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