Why I’m Not Asking for Used Toys

Today's blog post is by senior Reese Overholt, National Honor Society President. 

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The Christmas season is a time for giving. Operation Christmas Child, Emmanuel Tree, Parker Street Ministries, and countless other organizations will do toy drives and book drives or hand out lists of presents for needy children. This is not my plan.

Don’t get me wrong, these are noble charities supporting worthwhile causes. But there is a demographic that often goes forgotten when it comes to Christmas, a demographic represented by more than half the students at LCS. The group I’m talking about is teenagers. While a donated Barbie Doll or Lego set may be an excellent gift for a young child, a teenager in need probably would be less than ecstatic to receive that same gift. Although Amelia Bedelia and Nate the Great may capture the minds and imaginations of an 8-year-old, they are not as likely to do so with a 15-year-old.

So what is the solution? Last year, the National Honor Society partnered with the Florida Baptist Children’s Home located just down the street from Lakeland Christian. We realized that while the young children at the Children’s Home received gifts in the form of donated toys and books, the teenagers were often neglected. So what can we give a bunch of unique teenagers with individual preferences? Gift cards. With a gift card, they can buy anything that is on their wish list, such as the clothes they want in the size they need.

This year, the National Honor Society is again collecting gift cards in the amount of $5 and up in order to benefit the older children at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. These gift cards can be to Walmart, Target, iTunes, or really any other place from which a teenager would be likely to want a Christmas gift.

Alternatively, we are also accepting cash donations, if that is more convenient. We will put all of these such donations onto one gift card that will be given to the Children’s Home so that when a new child comes into their care they can take them shopping for clothes and other things they need, essentially a huge Christmas shopping spree that could occur any day of the year.

If you would like to contribute, gift cards or money can be turned in to the Middle School or Secondary Offices by December 8th.

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