"Lakeland Christian School, this is Pennye!"

“Lakeland Christian School...this is Pennye!” 

I cannot even begin to count the dozens of times each day, the hundreds of times each week and even the thousands of times over the years I have heard those words echo through the walls of my office.

I have the privilege of working every day with one of my dearest friends, Pennye McCormick, Administrative Assistant in our Main Office.  If you have ever called our school, you will know that she truly is the “voice of LCS”.  And what a sweet voice it is!  Pennye is from South Carolina, and her clear, sweet southern accent is one of her greatest charms.  She is kind, patient, honest, and knows just about everything there is to know about what is happening on our campus each day.  Our students affectionately call her “Miss Pennye”.

I thought you might enjoy learning some things you may not know about one of our most favorite and familiar faces here at LCS.   Here are her answers to some fun questions:

Julie Rice: Where were you born?  
Pennye McCormick: Augusta, Georgia, but my home was 30 minutes away in South Carolina

Julie Rice: What was your favorite class in school? 
Pennye McCormick: English

Julie Rice: If you could only eat one (or two) things the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Pennye McCormick: Blueberries and M & M’s

Julie Rice: What is the most favorite gift you have received from your husband? (she had a hard time naming just one . . . )
Pennye McCormick: My framed college diploma, a boom box with a favorite song queued up to play and a mini-Ipad, which I said I really didn’t need but he said I would really enjoy . . . and he was right!

Julie Rice: If you could take a trip anywhere where would you go? (again, hard to name just one) 
Pennye McCormick: Boston, Hawaii and Texas

Julie Rice: If you could meet someone famous who would it be?  
Pennye McCormick: Chip and Joanna Gaines (HGTV’s Fixer Upper)

Julie Rice: What would be your career if you had a whole other life to live? 
Pennye McCormick: A florist – I love flowers!

Julie Rice: What is the best thing about working at LCS? 
Pennye McCormick: The people make LCS special—no doubt.  Many of the teachers, staff, and administrators feel like siblings and cousins, and a lot of the parents and grandparents are like extended family to me, too.  This is as it should be because we are all part of God’s family.  It is wonderful to get to be a small part of what God is doing here at His school.  


We love and appreciate you, Miss Pennye!  You are a joy to work with, a blessing to our school community and an honor to our Lord.  Thank you for all that you do to make Lakeland Christian School a warm, welcoming place to be!

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