Greetings from China!

 Ninghai Middle School welcomes Lakeland Christian School!

Ninghai Middle School welcomes Lakeland Christian School!

Ni hao! Greetings from China!

As I write this I am traveling along at a leisurely 153 mph on the bullet train out of Shanghai. So what is a teacher from LCS doing in China for two weeks during the school year? I am on a trip with New Oasis International Education, the organization that helps LCS connect with the Chinese international students that join us each year in grades 9-12.

So far, I have visited a K-12 private school that houses almost 3,000 students, shared with Chinese parents about the great things happening at LCS, and interviewed several dozen students who are hoping to continue their high school education in the US.

In addition to presenting our school to families and interviewing students, this trip provides opportunities to experience another culture. I have taken a boat ride on West Lake, visited a pagoda and a Confucian temple, walked on the ancient city wall in Xi'an, and eaten a variety of local foods.

Learning about another culture can happen in so many ways, some without even leaving home. Central Florida offers many festivals and activities to celebrate other cultures. Lakeland's restaurants offer a variety of new foods to try, including Chinese, Indian, and Turkish cuisine. The Polk Theater offers showings of foreign films. And best of all, bringing international students to LCS helps our students learn about the world beyond our local area. I believe this is a valuable part of helping our students connect to the world and share the love of God with others. It's also a great way for students to make new friends!

Next stop, the terra cotta warriors! Zai jian! (Goodbye!)


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