A "Lollipop Moment": Why A Class Video Made Me Put Down My Phone

At the beginning of the semester, I watched a video in one of my classes that described something called “A Lollipop Moment.”  

As this video describes a lollipop moment is “a moment where someone said something or did something that fundamentally made your life better.”

Whenever I watched this video I immediately thought of all the lollipop moments that have been missed because we are so sidetracked by the devices we hold in our hands. I am not shaming anyone for being too invested in their virtual world because I am just as guilty of choosing to scroll through Facebook instead of engaging in conversation with the person next to me. However, I believe it’s a habit that needs to be broken.

Over the summer I worked at a camp in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. As a part of my job description I, along with the hundreds of other college students I worked with, turned in our phones for periods of two weeks at a time. As a result of this, I made much deeper relationships with the people around me much quicker than I do in “the real world.” There were conversations held at camp where I would know a person’s full testimony and biggest struggles in life before I would know their Instagram handle or even their last name. While I know the camp environment offered many other factors that played into this, I also know that being disconnected from our phones played a huge role.  

Having an experience like this gave me a new perspective. I began to question the habits I had made in my life at college. Why do I scroll through my phone while I walk to class instead of smiling at people and saying hello as we cross paths? Why am I texting my friends that I have already made when I get to class ten minutes early instead of making friends with the person sitting next to me? Why am I not taking advantage of all of the opportunities to share the love of God with everyone I see on a campus of 52,000 students?

We are called to love God and love people, but we can’t do that through a screen. Real relationships require face-to-face contact, real life conversations and knowing more about someone than what their social media highlight reel shows.  

It frightens me to think about how many lollipop moments we’ve missed because we were too busy opening up Snapchat stories. We need to put the phones down and say something or do something that fundamentally makes someone else’s life better. 

Carly Knox is a 2015 graduate of Lakeland Christian School. She is currently a student at the University of Florida.  

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