Touring LCS: The Answers to Our FAQs

In a given year, our Enrollment Team and Welcome Wednesday Tour Guides conduct approximately 200 campus tours. That is a lot of conversations, a lot of questions and a lot of shared information.  Even though there are many things about each tour that are similar, there are just as many things that make each meeting unique and different.  Everyone has different educational experiences from their past and different reasons for inquiring about our school.

Many of you have seen me or another member of our tour guide team walking a family around the campus.  And many of you may wonder what kinds of things we talk about and the kinds of questions families ask as we meet.  I thought it might be helpful to pass along some of these things because truly we are ALL representatives of our school. 

You are always welcome to invite your friends and family to come join you for a campus visit and YOU can be the tour guide.  After all, you are out in the “trenches” with our teachers and students, experiencing our school on a daily basis as a parent. 

And that is really what most of our visitors want to know: what it is like to be here at LCS as a family.

Here are a few frequently asked tour questions and some answers to those questions.  Feel free to use these as a resource as you engage in conversations with families interested in our school.

Are all of your teachers certified

Our entire instructional faculty is required to be certified by the state of Florida as well as ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).

How are discipline issues handled?

Each teacher has a specific classroom management plan that is consistent with the overall discipline policies of the school.  More information can be found in the Family Handbook on our website under Parent Resources.

Is there someone who helps with college preparation (i.e. applications, scholarships...)?

Christy Lee is our Guidance Counselor. In middle school, Mrs. Lee begins college preparatory discussions with students and then continues to meet with students throughout high school.  An extensive list of guidance services can be found on our website under the Academics >Student Life tab.

Do you have after school care?

Yes, we offer after school supervision for students in grades K4-8 until 6:00 pm.  Rates depend upon the number of days and the length of time your child requires supervision.  Information can be found in the Admissions section of the website, under tuition & fees.

Do you offer programs for students with special needs?

We do offer resource programs for students with professionally diagnosed learning disabilities and/or attention difficulties. There is an additional cost for these services.  Our Admissions Office offers brochures explaining the Special Programs services.

What type of standardized testing is implemented

Students in grades 1-11 are tested each spring using the Terra Nova Achievement Test.

Will my child be tested as a part of the admissions process? 

K4-5th grade students are screened during the admissions process for the purpose of assessing developmental levels to ensure we are able to best meet the students’ needs.  Testing for secondary students is determined on an as needed basis by the Secondary Principal.


If you have someone you would like to introduce to our campus, please give me a call and we can schedule an appointment.  I look forward to meeting your friends!

Julie Rice, Admissions Director

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