School’s Out! Or…is it?

It happens every summer. As a matter of fact, it’s probably occurred three or four times within the past several days. When I run into folks at Publix, in a restaurant, at the movies, in the post office, etc., their statement is always the same – “Wow, I know you’re glad to have the summer off!”

Just last week, my barber asked what I do to stay busy this time of year. I’m assuming the fact I was wearing jeans that day portended my school responsibilities were done for the summer.

I certainly understand the mindset. School is out, after all. Students have evacuated campus and teachers are receiving a well-deserved break from the rigors of the classroom. However…although the bells aren’t ringing and the parking lot is mostly empty, LCS is abuzz with a host of summertime activity.

For instance –

Administrators have been busy closing out one year and preparing for the next school year that will be here before we know it. A two-day retreat provided time to reflect on strategic initiatives planned to make LCS “always better.” Recruitment is also on-going to fill the remaining faculty and staff vacancies. A host of responsibility will fill our summer days, as it’s a foot race, of sorts, to get it all done and be ready to welcome students in early August. The Admissions Department is also busy with summer touring and the processing of new student applications.

Our Maintenance staff, who already work hard all year to keep our campus in good repair, have ramped up the pace to complete projects that need to be done while the campus is less busy. Cleaning this, fixing that, painting, carpentry, landscaping and many other projects fill their days, which spill over into evenings. In other words, campus less busy = maintenance ultra-busy.

And then there’s Camp LCS – basketball, soccer, volleyball, football, music, science, writing, math, film, reading, chess, fine motor, green screen and much more. Opportunities abound during June and July for children and young people to return to campus to refine skills and have fun.

Contractors are racing the clock to complete the Roger Evans Athletic Center, along with major campus renovations to create an expanded RISE Institute facility. This construction includes overhauls of other existing classrooms and the addition of an elevator tower to provide access to upstairs classrooms in the Snyder Building and over the kitchen.

There just is no downtime for an excellent school like Lakeland Christian. While it’s a nice thought that we could close the place down and all take a relaxing summer break, that notion is as far from reality as it gets. By no means am I sharing this information to gain sympathy. Rather, I mention these things to assure you that LCS is a vibrant place that takes its mission seriously year-round.

Although the sights and sounds and even the pace is quite different in June and July, an excellent school must be productive during these months to ensure a high caliber experience for children and young people August through May. May God bless all those who expend extra energy this summer on behalf of those we are privileged to serve.



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