15 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Preschool and Kindergarten

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A question that I get asked frequently is, “How in the world do I know which preschool or kindergarten is best for my child?”

My obvious answer is that Lakeland Christian School is the best!

Choosing the right school for your family is an incredibly important decision and not to be made lightly, so I encourage you to start off by praying about it. Then, use this list of questions to help guide your decision:

  1. Does my child feel safe and loved?

  2. Are the teachers truly tuned in to what my child needs?

  3. Is there a good balance of instruction and play?

  4. Does the school offer a strong, developmentally appropriate curriculum?

  5. Is my child receiving physical education, recess, music, art, library, Spanish instruction and STEM-based learning (like what we offer in our Fab Lab and Wonder Room) by Florida Department of Education certified teachers who hold a minimum of a four-year degree?

  6. Does the curriculum incorporate fine motor activities enough to reach the “1,000 miles” needed before formal reading instruction begins? (Feel free to contact me about the “1,000 Miles” concept if you haven’t heard me talk about this!)

  7. Are the teachers monitoring my child’s progress and communicating with me?

  8. Is my child’s preschool teacher certified by the state of Florida? ACSI?

  9. Is the school accredited (not just licensed) by agencies such as FCIS, FKC, SACS and ACSI?

  10. Is there a certified nurse on campus?

  11. Is my child learning about Jesus every single day? Is there Bible lessons and chapel time?

  12. Is my child in an environment that helps them understand the importance of having a personal relationship with Christ?

  13. Does my child sing praise and worship songs at school? (This helps behavior!)

  14. Does my child say the Pledge of Allegiance, the Pledge to the Bible and Pledge to the Christian flag?

  15. Does my child sing the National Anthem?

I invite you to meet with me to discuss how the Early Childhood program at LCS encourages our students to grow and mature naturally in every area of life. You won’t be disappointed!

Luci O’Byrne
lobyrne@lcsonline.org or 863-688-2771

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