2018: Getting Healthy and Fit

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When I Googled “Top 10 New Year’s resolutions” for the past several years and then looked through the first ten links, I found that on every single list improved health, fitness and weight loss goals were listed somewhere in the top three. Year after year, one--or a combination of these three--score highest as what many hope to attain starting fresh on January 1.

Is it just our culture that grooms us to make these particular resolutions such a perpetual quest year after year?  Or is there something inherent in our created design that causes us to desire good health and wellness?  Certainly, the importance of looking good and feeling good is the message we hear incessantly via the media.  From diet regimens to supplements, oils, workout routines, meditation, medications, juicers, clean eating, whole eating, vegan eating, Crossfit, HIIT, Pilates, Fit Bits, treadmills, boot camps and warrior runs, one could literally make a career of not even participating in such activities but simply watching and listening to the overabundance of social media, news, magazine and conversational coverage of all of these topics.  There are YouTube videos that allow you to never even leave your home to discover the magic bullet for health and fitness perfectly suited just for you.

Why do these goals seem to get so much attention year after year?  I know for me personally, I just feel better about life when I am healthy.  It affects my work, my relationships, and my sleep – every aspect of my daily living.  I have more energy to focus on others and the tasks of my day when I am not preoccupied with aches, pains, tight pants and stress.  And as a follower of Jesus Christ and believer of the truths in scripture, loving and serving others above myself is certainly what He has called and equipped me to do. 

My challenge to you as you face another new year and think about what your resolutions might be, also to consider the motives behind those resolutions.  Improved health and fitness for the sake of looking and feeling good is not a bad goal, but could there be resolutions to consider that would have motives as well as outcomes that are governed by your faith in God and His Word?  I do believe the call to be faithful stewards of our physical bodies is honorable.  And if that means we need to take the time to better care for ourselves in order to be fit for serving others in love, then go for it.  Pull up some YouTube videos and get moving!  And as you walk, run, lift, squat, stretch or even grocery shop around the perimeter of the store (you can ask me about that sometime), let your thoughts and prayers consider how you can move out from your newfound health into the lives of others that God has put in your path to love, serve and encourage.

Happy and Healthy New Year!

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.”  Luke 10:27




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Published on by Julie Rice.