It Makes Us, “US”

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Tradition!! Tevye claimed that this powerful force kept the “The Fiddler on the Roof!”

A few of our family favorites include:

Pictures on the first day of school. Sweet rolls at Sunday breakfast. Lessons and Carols at Christmas. Family favorite menu items for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The Blue Ridge Parkway, climbing Mt. Pisgah, and Mabry Mill. From when our children were young: Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers and baseball on the radio (Ernie Harwell felt like a member of our family). Lasagna while watching the Final Four. Going to Grandma and Grandpas…the traditional spot on the sidewalk to watch the Christmas parade… the family Easter egg hunt…hot dogs, Cracker Jack, and peanuts for supper on Opening Day of the baseball season… fireworks on the Fourth.


What are your family traditions?

Family traditions are part of what makes our family, “our family.” 

Spirit Week at LCS is the annual week of controlled mayhem that is part of what makes us, “US”! The Whacky Dress Up (or is it down?) Days, lunch time competitions (whatever possesses students to get up in front of everyone with pantyhose on their heads?), tootsie roll pop consumption at a level that challenges the adolescent stomach, and passionate school spirit competition at the pep rally that makes the gym rock!  An always special homecoming chapel with comments from the court…A homecoming game, crowning the King and Queen, and this year it’s all followed by the first ever Homecoming Dance…Oh my!


The power of shared fun!

The uninitiated observer may question the “educational value” of such a week. What’s the point?

Shared fun is a critical ingredient to a positive school culture. Multiple research studies have proven the connection between school culture and academic achievement and strong school enrollment. Students who feel like they belong, that they are part of the school community, are free to study with more focus and learn more. Besides those somewhat “stuffy” reasons, it’s just fun!

So let’s enjoy the moment, share in the fun, rejoice with those that rejoice, and feel a part of the community during this special week of the year. It’s part of what makes us, “US”! It’s like Jim Nance says about The Masters each year, “It’s a tradition unlike any other”!

Go Vikings! 

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