Do you know and believe? Then what?

Viking View written by Julie Rice, LCS Director of Enrollment

Early in the spring I began reading a book called “What if it’s true?” by my favorite author, Charles Martin.  He writes fiction and I have read and love all of his books, however, his newest book is not fiction.  It is what he calls a “storyteller’s journey with Jesus”. There are so many amazing things about this book, but what is most significant to me is the title “What if it’s true?”

picture of book cover "what if it's true?" a storysteller's journey with Jesus by author Charles Martin

 All of the faculty and staff here at LCS wholeheartedly believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and have shaped our lives around this Truth.  So if that is the case, if this REALLY is true, then what?  It seems to me that this Truth is so huge that is must effect every moment of every day of our lives?  And if the world I encounter is the same one you do, broken, frustrating, exhausting . . . fill in the blank . . . then the gospel is like the coldest, purest water you will ever drink when you are dying of thirst.  It is the most satisfying meal when you are hungry and discontent.  And in the context of our school, we have a captive audience of thirsty and hungry hearts 180 days every year just sitting right in front of us in our classrooms.

We want to use every opportunity we have this school year to educate our students “in the light of God’s word.”  Why? Because IT IS TRUE.  God’s beautifully perfect story of creation, fall, redemption and consummation is woven into all of the relationships and daily circumstances of our lives.  To see his truth in and among the obstacles, questions, struggles and work of this life points us to hope, peace, joy and freedom to live without worry and stress.

Do you know this gospel?  Do you believe it is true?  If not, please let us share God’s perfect story with you.  And if you do, then know that as you are entrusting your student to us each day that commitment is to point them to this good news as often as possible as they learn about God’s world and where they fit into it. 

We are so grateful for your willingness to partner with us in sharpening your child’s mind and shepherding their heart.  It is going to be a great year.  Blessings!  

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of salvation to all who believe. . . “Romans 1:16