LCS Sweethearts: In Honor of Valentine’s Day

When I was younger, probably kindergarten or early elementary age, I remember seeing my teacher at the grocery store one day.  I was literally shocked.  I think I actually believed that she lived at school – all the time!  I could not imagine her in any context outside of our classroom and I certainly never considered that she actually had any place for romance in her life.
Obviously our students know that our teachers do indeed have a life outside of school.  However, I bet most of them have no clue about some of the details that make up the sweet stories of dating, falling in love and marriage amongst our faculty.  So, in honor of Valentine’s Day this past weekend, I took a little poll.  Enjoy these fun facts about the “valentines” in the lives of some of our faculty members . . .

Where was your first date:

  • Mrs. Hasha: Hex Tex Pep Rally at Baylor University
  • Mrs. Powell:  Auburndale Race Track
  • Mrs. Koretchko:  Bern ‘s Steak House
  • Mrs. Andersen:  Chuck Norris movie
  • Mrs. De Labastide:  Fat Maggies and SEU football game

A Favorite Valentine’s Day memory or gift:

  • Mr. Fulton:    I gave her a Shop Vac (it was red!)
  • Mrs. Canady:    dinner at Mario’s
  • Mrs. Strickland:    a handmade valentine that I have carried in my purse ever since
  • Mrs. Sandy Johnson:  Ben sent me on a scavenger hunt finding gifts throughout our house
  • Mr. Livesay:  Phantom of the Opera in Los Angeles

How long have you been married:

  • Mr. Shimko:   43 years (my wife was 15 years old when we went on our first date, I was 17)
  • Mr. Boatwright:   10 years
  • Mrs. Stacy:  23 years
  • Mrs. Jones:    25 years
  • Mrs. Burnette:   30 years

The best thing about your wedding day:

  • Mrs. Mason:    my husband sang me a song, holding my hands
  • Mr. Wiechmann:    looking into her crystal blue eyes and forgetting my vows
  • Mrs. Prescott:    when my grandfather drove us to our reception in his Cadillac
  • Mrs. Baker:   wearing my gorgeous wedding dress
  • Mrs. Fie:   the southern banquet prepared by his relatives

The quality  you most appreciate in your spouse:

  • Dr. Sligh:   her loyalty to the Lord and to me
  • Mrs. Hitchcock:  his patience
  • Mrs. Evans:  his willingness to help anyone out in any way possible
  • Mrs. Beale:   he is an amazing daddy
  • Mrs. McCormick:  his crazy sense of humor which often translates into encouragement