Bees, Moses, Peter Pan & Football - Walk Around Campus Reveals an Amazing School

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There’s no doubt about it…I need to get out more often.

The school’s commercial photographer was on campus the other day, shooting a variety of images that will be used over the next couple of years in a number of ways for the benefit of the school. I had the responsibility for developing the photo list and then escorting the photography team to every nook and cranny of the school. This “responsibility” turned into nothing short of a high privilege!

Although an important facet of my school Advancement position is to oversee Marketing, Advertising & Communications, for the past number of years the majority of my energy has been devoted to raising money. That critical role is certainly understandable in any private school, but especially one that’s raising $23 Million for capital improvements! This effort has kept me in numerous meetings, on the phone, and mostly off-campus, inviting folks to consider a stewardship investment in the great work of LCS.

Boundless Opportunities!

Even though I am energized by what I do, the one-day “tour of campus” with the photographer was like a shot of adrenaline to my soul. What an amazing place I get to serve!

Among the nearly 1,700 photos, the camera lens captured…a 7th grade girl reporting to her class about her air potato beetle lab study…high school students composing music on iMacs and midi keyboards…four-year-olds learning about Christopher Columbus…High School World History students displaying their elaborate hand-made models of famous worldwide structures…first graders learning about honey bees…a 9th grade girl using scientific equipment in the Land Lab…an 11th grade boy conferencing with his instructor regarding entrepreneurship…Middle School boys prepping their robot for the next level of robotics competition…students flying over Never Land in rehearsals for Peter Pan

Also, there were…creative art projects for different elementary grades throughout the day in the art studio…7th graders improving their reading speed in the research lab…Home Ec students baking chocolate fudge cookies (my personal favorite!)…5th graders collaborating with Kindergartners in an ant study with magnifying glasses…1st graders learning to tickle the ivory in the piano lab…7th graders dissecting a sheep’s heart…11th graders studying the book of Genesis…5th graders using Ipads for research on Columbus…Kindergartners using Apple laptops in the Mac Lab…8th and 9th grade girls working with their Monarch butterfly project…4th graders brushing up on Florida history in preparation for their trip to St. Augustine…and, of course, there were athletes, choirs, & bands galore.

Inspiring Teachers Make It All Happen

And this was all just in one day, mind you! Not only was I able to observe a great breadth of learning activity, but I was able to see some of the best teachers anywhere, guiding and leading students in a professional, Christ-like way. Every time I arrived at a new location, I wanted to be in that grade again!

My personal involvement with LCS now spans a quarter of a century – both as a parent and, for the past 12 years, as a staff member. So I certainly know the school is a truly remarkable place. However, like so many, I probably just take much of it for granted, day in and day out. May that never be again! The Lord gave me a “photographic journey” through the classrooms of LCS to remind me of His tremendous blessings upon this special place, and upon the children and young people we get to serve each day.

I am so grateful to be a part of Lakeland Christian School…and I can’t wait for my next walk through the classrooms of this marvelous, impactful, life-changing place!

Mr. Steve Wilson is the Director of Advancement at Lakeland Christian School. To reach Steve, you may email him at

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