College Admissions: An Informative Night at LCS



In September, the guidance department hosted our first LCS College Admissions Night.  We had four college representatives from various colleges present on common college admissions topics.  We also had a panel discussion for questions from parents and students about the college admissions process.  Here are some highlights from the event:

  • Benet Bondi from the University of Alabama presented on finding the perfect college fit.  She shared that it is important for students to know what they want, including career and academic goals.  Other important things students should take into consideration are their learning style, finances, and creating a balance with work, family, and classes.  Students should assess their strengths, weaknesses, and needs.  Benet shared helpful resources and websites for researching colleges and scholarships.
  • Melissa Allen from Florida Southern College presented on writing the college application essay.  She simplified this process by reminding students of several things when writing an essay:  brainstorm first, be specific, be creative, be honest, and check over your essay carefully before submitting it.
  • Riley Westmoreland from Samford University presented on leadership vs. involvement.  She explained that colleges use this information for admissions and scholarships purposes.  She encouraged students to find a way to tell a story about what they are passionate about and what their skills are through the leadership resume and college essay.
  • Zach Crum from the University of South Florida discussed the college admissions timeline.  He reminded us the importance of applying early and how students can use their college admissions advisors to help them through this process.

The evening concluded with Q and A time with our college admissions panel.  Parents and students had the opportunity to ask the panel their questions about college admissions.  Be on the lookout for the next LCS College Admissions Night second semester.  These events are open to all LCS students and parents and the community as well.  I hope to see you at the next event!

Mrs. Christy Lee serves LCS as the secondary guidance counselor. To reach Christy, you may email her at

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