Passing the Baton: Equip Kids to Run



Anyone remember the ‘80s? Not only do I remember the parachute pants, Coca Cola shirts, and Swatches, but I also remember the great times I had as a student at LCS.

Back in the day, I was in much better shape and ran cross-country and track for Mr. Musick. I spent most of my days running distance; however, a few times I competed in the “mile medley” which is one of the most exciting relays. As I ran, I kept thinking to myself, “Whatever you do Luci, don’t drop the baton!”

Last year, I had the opportunity to participate in a different kind of relay. I attended an “emerging leaders roundtable” with Christian school administrators from around the nation. This large group was made up of novice leaders and highly experienced administrators (veterans) who are both determined to carry on quality, Christian education in our nation. We, as the “emerging leaders”, felt a healthy amount of pressure and quickly realized we have a great deal to learn in what seems like a short amount of time. The veterans made reference to “…when we pass the baton to you …”

At one point, the younger leaders were encouraged to ask the veterans questions. The room was quiet and somewhat emotional as educators poured out their hearts and explained how we must carry on the commitment to Christian education. We discussed challenges we face now and our responsibility to carry out biblical instruction for future generations. As the event came to a close, one of the final questions an emerging leader asked the veterans was, “Will you run a lap with us before you pass the baton?”, and another member of my group added, “…and we will try not to drop it!”

We as younger leaders need the veterans’ guidance.  Note that we didn’t ask, “Will you run the lap for us?”.

We, as parents, must realize we cannot run the race for our children; however, when they fall or drop the baton, we can run next to them and encourage them to stand up and finish the race. We need to teach them and guide them … then, we are doing our job.

Are we running the lap for our kids as they sit and watch or are we running it with them and preparing them to “pass the baton” to their children?  Will our children be committed to raising their children in a Christian home and in a supportive church? Will they make sacrifices to send their children to a Christian school?

An LCS alum, Mrs. Luci O'Byrne serves as the Elementary Principal. You can email her at

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