God Moments: His Perfect Timing



According to Sarah Kate, she is “thankful to be in a school where she can learn about Jesus.”  This is a fairly regular prayer of thanks offered by students in elementary chapel each week.   But what made this statement particularly significant on a Tuesday in January was that it was prayed just moments after I had stepped into our chapel service with a family who was visiting our campus for a tour.   What a perfect statement to represent our mission of “Educating students in the light of God’s Word.”  This is just one small example of the ways God shows up everyday on this campus creating those “just perfect” moments. On another day in December, once again God’s faithfulness was perfectly timed.  We have two new students this semester who back in December did not know for sure if they would be able to attend LCS because of transportation limitations. These students are not from the same family, were not aware that each was in the application process and had no clue they both had the same dilemma.  Completely unplanned, they both happened to show up in the secondary office one morning and recognized one another.  Why?  Because they live in the same neighborhood!  Long story short – transportation issue solved!  God’s provision is tremendous and His timing is perfect.

How has God “shown up” for your family here at LCS?  Please feel free to share it in the comments section below or on the LCS Facebook page!

This post was written by Julie Rice, LCS Director of Enrollment.  If you are interested in LCS, please feel free to contact her at jrice@lcsonline.org

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