Loving LCS is Easy!



Loving LCS is Easy!

In case you have ever wondered what it is like to work at LCS, let me just say . . .  we love what we do!

I certainly cannot speak for everyone on our campus, but if you interviewed the many faculty and staff I am blessed to work alongside each day, I think you would find that this is truly a unique and amazing place in which to serve.  Below are some comments from my colleagues when asked what they love about working at LCS:

“I am reminded to know Christ, show Christ and speak Christ.  It is an awesome privilege.  Plus, I enjoy several belly laughs a day just being around little people!”

“I love being at home with my family, but being here at school every day is the next best place. My reasons for loving this place are a mile long, but the biggest is we are a family.”

“Knowing that God is using me to hide His word in the hearts of my students is fulfilling. As a teacher or a parent, loving LCS is easy!”

“God is doing amazing things here, and I love being a tiny piece of the puzzle.”

Faculty devotions, parent support, student behavior, freedom to choose curriculum, praying with students/colleagues, ability to share Christ in the classroom, wise administration, and last but definitely not least – a great lunch with friendly lunch ladies.”

Sharing what we love . . .

What do most of us typically do when we love something in a way that it becomes a part of us? We talk about it; we share it.  It is something that just “comes out” when we interact with others.  A school can be that kind of something.  And clearly, for many of our faculty and staff, this school has become a very significant and special part of us.

I want to share a story from one our most recent Welcome Wednesday open houses.  I sent the following email to our faculty and staff and was encouraged to share it with the rest of you.  Enjoy and know that this one story is representative of so many others that reflect the love that we all have for LCS and our desire to share it with others.

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Shout out to Coach Evans!  We all know this Roger, but just in case you haven’t been told lately . . .YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! 

I think I have shared before that as our tour guides return after conducting tours, we often marvel and rejoice at God’s perfect timing and divine appointments as we show guests around our campus.  Inevitably stories are shared about how “just the right teacher” or the “perfect administrator” came around the corner just as we are hoping to have a specific question answered for a guest.  We know these are not coincidences.  We have prayed for our guests, prayed that our conversations with them would be fruitful and that they would observe and feel the presence of God on our campus. 

Well, today was no different.  One of my newest tour guides had her first “solo flight” today, conducting her first tour with a family on her own.  This particular guest said that she had learned about our school when meeting one of our coaches.  She could not remember his name so our guide tried to run through the names of coaches, none of them sounding familiar.  As they were walking around campus, off in the distance our guest saw someone and said “I think that’s him over there.”  Guess who?  Roger!  I rarely see Roger around campus.  He’s always busy with his little people.  But he just happened to be closing a gate just at the time this tour was coming around a corner.  What our tour guide didn’t know was that our guest is a nurse and Roger was her patient.  He had talked about LCS when he was under her care and this motivated her to come for a visit.  She said, “He really impressed me with the information about this school.”  When they reconnected this morning, Roger continued to walk around campus for another 15-20 minutes and talk with our guest. This is not the first time this has happened.  We have several current school families that have enrolled over the past two years due to Roger’s willingness to reach out and share LCS with those he meets. 

As I came back in my office this morning and started reflecting on this, what immediately came to mind was the story of Joseph in Genesis.  Ultimately Joseph was able to share with his brothers that what they meant for evil, God meant for good.  He was able to view circumstances through the lens of God’s providential goodness and mercy.  Each of the families that have come our way recently because of Roger is in the health care profession.  They are people who have cared for Roger as he has bravely and humbly walked his journey as a cancer patient.  What I see here is a man, who in the midst of hard circumstances, continues to love others and honor His Savior.  He points others to Christ in the midst of his suffering.

We serve a great God and we get to do so in a place with co-workers (friends) who are humbly and boldly loving others and pointing them to this great God. I am thankful for you, Roger.  Please know that God is honoring your faithfulness and we, who get to stand by and observe, are pointed to Jesus.

Thanks to ALL of you who welcomed our guests today.  I appreciate your servant hearts so very much.  Blessings!

This post was written by Julie Rice, LCS Director of Enrollment.  If you are interested in LCS, please feel free to contact her at jrice@lcsonline.org

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