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We have a grandparent on our campus this year who is quietly stepping into places to serve, and in the process, she is finding amazing opportunities to encourage.  She checked in with me last week to let me know that she has been spending time in the Kindergarten Common Room during the morning drop off time.  It is not uncommon that as the newness of school wears off, some of these little people begin to miss the comforts of home. They get a bit tearful in the mornings as they separate from their moms and dads.  Our grandparent volunteer has been able to have some wonderful conversations with these new parents as they hand their children off to the teacher and are feeling somewhat vulnerable and unsure about leaving their children. This grandmother's care for these young families is a demonstration of the character of Jesus as the Great Shepherd, and it serves as a perfect example of how we desire to be a caring community here at LCS.  Enrollment goes beyond just getting more students in the desks; it is about caring for the ones we have and honoring our mission by living out the message of God’s Word.

Who will you shepherd today?

This post was written by Julie Rice, LCS Director of Enrollment.  If you are interested in LCS, please feel free to contact her at

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