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I was speaking on the phone this morning with a parent who was calling to inquire about our school.  After a long list of questions about tuition, dress code, class schedules and extracurricular activities, her final question was, “What is different about your school?  What is my child going to get at LCS that they wouldn’t get in a public school?” This is not an unfamiliar question.  As many families consider the cost of enrolling their child in a private school they, of course, are interested in what the return will be on that investment.  Let me just say . . . I love it when they ask me this question! There are many things that make my job as Director of Enrollment enjoyable, but having the opportunity to answer this question is by far the best.

Preparing the child for the road, not the road for the child

Dr. Sligh’s familiar phrase “Preparing the child for the road . . . “, implies that there are things about the road that our children need to be prepared for, right?  If you’ve lived any length of time you know that life is a bumpy road.  It’s not “if” struggles come our way, it is “when”.  We believe the only path to adequate preparation for the difficulties of this life is through a relationship with our eternal, sovereign God.  A life of dependence on the saving grace of God’s son,  Jesus Christ, is the only hope we have of enduring the sufferings that life in this temporary world is bound to offer us.

So in the daily work of preparing our students here at LCS for the road ahead, we have the responsibility of not only equipping their minds with the knowledge to navigate the path of life God chooses to take them on, but we also have the privilege of equipping their souls with the hope of eternity found in the gospel of Christ.

A Bumpy Journey

In Paul Tripp’s book “Forever: Why you can’t live without it”, the following quote describes the reality of this bumpy journey of life and points us to hope in the gospel:

“When we look from the vantage point of eternity at what God is zealous about and committed to, what we have experienced from the hand of God begins to make sense. He is not committed to making our days comfortable, easy, orderly, and predictable, because he is more committed to our eternal good than he is to our present ease. So in careful wisdom and faithful love, God leads us in places we wouldn’t have chosen to go. He will write for us a story we wouldn’t have written for ourselves. He will require us to deal with things we would have wanted to avoid. He does this not because he has turned his back on us, but because he has turned his face toward us. He has invaded our lives with patient, transforming grace, and he will use the difficulties of life in this broken world as tools of grace until his grace has finished its work and forever is our final home.”

There is a BIG difference in what your students will gain through a Christian schooling experience here at LCS.  They will be challenged with excellent academics.  The will have outstanding extracurricular opportunities in fine arts and athletics. They will learn skills for navigating relationships, communicating with others and making decisions.  But underneath, alongside and over all this will be the clear and hopeful message pointing them to the Creator of all of these things.  They will be encouraged to seek and find their treasure and identity in the One who loves them the most and for all eternity.  They will learn what it means to invest the very best of who they are in the individual story God has written for them. And they will know that they can rest in the assurance that no matter what they face in this temporary life on earth Jesus is present and powerfully working “until his grace has finished his work and forever is our final home.”

So the next time your neighbor, coworker or friend asks you why you send your children to Lakeland Christian School, seize the moment and share the gospel of Truth that makes all the difference!

This post was written by Julie Rice, LCS Director of Enrollment.  If you are interested in LCS, please feel free to contact her at jrice@lcsonline.org

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