International Student Spotlight: Anna Chen



February Spotlight: Anna Chen, 9th grader from China

  • Hometown:Shenzhen, a beautiful and friendly city in southern China
  • Siblings: None
  • Favorite subjects in school: Art, English, Algebra
  • Hobbies: Art, swimming, volleyball
  • Future plans: Become a fashion designer like my mother
  • Favorite American food: Chicken
  • Food I miss most from home: Stir-fried scrambled eggs with tomatoes
  • What I like best about LCS: I like the abundant choices in curriculum and that school gets out much earlier than in China.
  • What is the hardest part about living in the US? I think it’s the language.  My language is Chinese, so I must improve my English.
  • One thing I would like Americans to know about China: China has many delicious foods and many beautiful places for people to visit!

How does an international student come to LCS

Most students find us through educational organizations that help international students match up with American schools.  They try to find schools that will be a good fit for the students’ needs and interests.  Some students also find us through internet searches.  Then interested students complete the school application process like all of our students.  However, we use online video chats for the interviews, usually working around a 12-hour time difference!  Students who are accepted to LCS then apply for a visa to study in the US and make plans to come to Florida.

Miss Kala Walls serves LCS as a 6th grade Social Studies teacher, and as the International Student Program Coordinator. You can email her at 

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