International Student Spotlight: Sindy Jing

 Sindy Blog Photo

Sindy Blog Photo

Sindy Jing is a junior from Chengdu, China. Chengdu, home of the giant panda, has a population of 14 million and is the fourth largest city in China.  Most Chinese students like Sindy find life in our small American towns very different from the city life they are used to.  In this month’s spotlight, Sindy tells us her thoughts on coming to the US and gives some advice for visiting China.

Why did you come to the US to study? And why LCS?

I want to study at an American college. I decided to come early to learn the language and culture.  I wanted to come to a warm place to study, and when I looked on the website I saw the beautiful campus at LCS.

What are your future plans?

I want to study interior design and photography.  It would be my dream to study in Paris, but I also want to study at a design school in Chicago.  I love to take pictures of people and natural things.  I like the sunsets in Lakeland; my hometown has many tall buildings so I never see the sunset like that at home.  I hope one day to find a job in the US in either interior design or photography.

What do you miss most from China?

Family, friends, food…and my dog!  Also, it is sometimes hard to make new friends because of the language difference, and there is no public transportation here.

Where should LCS families go if they visit China?

My hometown, Chengdu!  We have the biggest shopping mall in Asia.  We are also home of the pandas.  When I was younger you could hold the pandas and feed them, but now you can only look at them.

Do you have any advice for Americans when visiting China?

Yes.  If you try to buy something in a small shop in China, never accept the first price!  Always bargain for a better price.  Also, many foods are very spicy.  Even if the food doesn’t look spicy, it might be, so be careful!

More about the LCS International Student Program

Our international students come to LCS through several educational organizations.  These organizations have local coordinators that work with their Lakeland students.  The coordinators find host families, prepare them for life with an international student, and provide support to the host families and international students throughout the school year.  Hosting an international student is a great way for a family to learn about another culture without leaving home!

Miss Kala Walls serves LCS as a 6th grade Social Studies teacher, and as the International Student Program Coordinator. You can email her at

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