"What IS this RISE thing?"

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As I stood with a friend at the end of her driveway recently, she asked “What is this RISE thing?”  A good question, indeed. The RISE Institute at Lakeland Christian School was born out of a conviction that our highest purpose as educators and parents is to help kids become who God created them to be.   Kids are not the same, and the way we engage them as learners must reflect their individuality.

What is RISE?

RISE stands for Research, innovation, STEM learning and entrepreneurship. RISE Institute programs seek to engage kids with a passion for science and to support them as they do extraordinary work.  The RISE Institute focuses on serving kids with “intellectual intensities”—those students who ask big questions and aren’t satisfied with easy answers.  Through their own independent research in an area of affinity, RISE scholars are challenged to think deeply and to do challenging real-world scientific work.

Last week, RISE Institute scholars competed in the Polk Regional Science and Engineering Fair and enjoyed significant success.  Here is the link to the Ledger story about their placings:


 Research 1

Research 1

Our Partnership with Higher Education

It’s important that the focus of the work never be on winning, but rather on working as hard as possible to be found faithful.  It helps to learn about faithfulness from those who have made significant achievement in science.  The Center for Pre-Collegiate Outreach and Recruitment at the University of Florida has played an important role in connecting us with scientists.

Immediately after the Polk Regional Science and Engineering Fair awards ceremony on Saturday night, we boarded the school bus and began the late night drive through the Green Swamp to the University of Florida for the 50th Annual Jr. Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium.  There we spent time in the labs of professors across the campus and heard from highly accomplished student researchers.  We also spent time with our own LCS alumni who provided great advice about college life.  Four RISE students participated in scientific poster presentation.

Here is the wiki that details our adventures:  http://lcs-science-fair.posterous.com/


It is through mentorship that students make the most significant progress.  RISE scholars have worked with researchers from Florida Southern College, Emory University, University of Florida, University of South Florida, the Max Plank Institute, and others.  One of our greatest blessings has been very close to home, as Dr. Michael Rogers, UF researcher and LCS parent has so graciously provided resources and expertise.

 Research 2

Research 2

How to Get Involved

Please pray for the RISE Institute.  Currently, students in grades 6-12 are eligible to apply for Research Science courses and to participate in science competitions.  If you know someone who would like to apply for the program, encourage them to email Mrs. Canady at jcanady@lcsonline.org.  Guest speakers are also an essential component.  If you know someone who would make a great guest speaker or you have an idea for a field trip location, please connect with Mrs. Canady.

Mrs. Jennifer Canady serves as the Director of the RISE Institute at LCS and as a middle school science teacher. You can email her at jcanady@lcsonline.org

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