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I don’t know about you, but I love new beginnings.  They give me a chance to reflect on what I have completed and then give me time to start something new.  With the New Year, many of us take time out to declare a New Year’s resolution.  I say “declare” because we usually think that if we are firm in our declaration then we will stick with it, right?  How many of those that fill the gym in January were there in December?  There’s only a small percentage that really stick with the resolution that was made.  If we were honest with ourselves, we probably cannot remember what our New Year’s resolution was on January 1, 2013.  I know I can’t remember mine. No worries; I’m speaking as much to myself as I am to you.  With each season comes change which really is a good thing.  There will always be ups and downs that we will face- meaning we won’t always be what we consider perfect with the follow through of our resolution.  So many things we try to do on our own without God’s help and guidance.  My pastor on Sunday preached on Isaiah’s Commission 6:1-8.  This is from the sermon notes- Isaiah, a prophet with a message and a mission from God, was doing this apart from the strength of God.  How many times do we do things without asking for God’s strength and intervention?  Maybe it’s not an intentional omission, but it does affect our outcome.  Keep God at the forefront of your New Year’s resolution.

I think it’s important to be purposeful in how we utilize our time and move forward with our resolution.  I have followed Money Saving Mom’s blog the last few years and one of the things that she posts progress on are her weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  Checking things off of a list really makes me happy.  I’m listing below as an example some of my goals this year.  I challenge you to take time this month and reflect on what you would like to declare and accomplish with God’s help this year.

Personal Goals

  1. Train and run in a half marathon with my husband
  2. Continue with two college classes/semester
  3. Complete a Bible study

Marriage Goals

  1. Go on at least one date together per month
  2. Write a note of encouragement/love to my husband each month

Parenting Goals

  1. Spend time individually each week with my children
  2. Weekly trip to library
  3. Continue tumbling class and basketball for H and M

Ministry/Friendship Goals

  1. Continue to support/encourage/pray for our adopted soldier daily.
  2. Meet with friends monthly for dinner
  3. Continue attendance in Sunday school and church

Family Goals

  1. Daily devotions with H and M
  2. Plan a family trip
  3. Walk daily around neighborhood with husband, H and M

Work Goals

  1. Complete grant application
  2. Continue two college classes/semester

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