RISE-ing Star: Sydney Curls

 Sydney Curls

Sydney Curls

Name: Sydney Curls Age/Year:  12/6th grade

What are some of your favorite books? I like books by Rick Riordan—the Percy Jackson series and Kane Chronicles are really good.

What are your hobbies outside of school?   I play piano and volleyball.  I also love to write short stories.

What are some of the most interesting or inspiring places you’ve visited?  Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown were fascinating because they provided a glimpse of early American life.

What’s your current area of research?   In RISE, I’m currently working on developing a simple water pump that might be able to be used in Haiti.  This is important because it could help kids be able to go to school and improve their lives because they could avoid the long walk down the mountain to get water.  I placed second at the Regional Science and Engineering Fair and won a special award for my work so far.  I plan to continue my research in this area.

What are your favorite things about RISE?   I love that I can be myself and do what I’m comfortable with because it’s all kids like me—I’m curious about the world and they are, too.   I like working independently, but I’ve learned that I also like working with my RISE class.   You show up at RISE and you never know what adventure may await, but it’s always fun.  We’re a family.

When did you know RISE was a good fit for you?   I knew from the very beginning of the year when I was getting to know the other kids in RISE that this place is very different, and it was a good fit for me.  I like to make my own decisions, and RISE is more like a college class than middle school or high school.  I have a lot of freedom to be independent and use my abilities to help others and improve the world.  Developing an independent research project can be very challenging, but it’s also fun and exciting.  It requires a lot of endurance to keep focus, which is a good thing for me to learn even when it isn’t easy.  I had to push myself.

For more information on the RISE Institute, check out the brochure or contact Mrs. Jennifer Canady, Director of the RISE Institute.

Mrs. Jennifer Canady serves as the Director of the RISE Institute at LCS. You can email her at jcanady@lcsonline.org.

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