A Couch in the Parking Lot



Every once in a while, you see strange things that make you scratch your head, wonder what it's all about and then go on with your life without much more thought.  That happened to me last week as I was pulling into the school and saw this in the senior parking lot:

I heard a few people mention the couch, but I don't know the story behind why it was in the parking lot, how it got there or where it is now.  I thought maybe the seniors were looking for a more comfortable place to hang out after school. I do know that it wasn't there for long and that I haven't seen it since.

If you know the story of the couch or have any theories, feel free to comment and share!  And if you're missing a couch and it looks like this one, you might want to track down a senior to find out where it is!

Mrs. Sandy Johnson is the LCS Communication Specialist and Senior Class Advisor. You can contact her via email her at sjohnson@lcsonline.org. 

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