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Homecoming Week is in full swing here at LCS, which means dress up days, crazy lunchroom competitions, a pep rally, football game and the Homecoming banquet on Saturday night. Today is College Day, so there’s a lot of orange/blue and garnet/gold wandering the hallways with a few other colors and logos mixed in.  As a huge fan of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, I was happy to provide spirit items to the one student (and fellow Irish fan) who asked if I had anything he could wear.

At most schools, there are traditions that surround Spirit Week and Homecoming.  Although I’m not a graduate of LCS, I’ve been here since 2005 and have become familiar with a lot of them.  My husband Ben graduated from Lakeland Christian in 1999, and he told me that these traditions were around when he was here. For instance, do any of you alumni out there remember doing pantyhose gladiator during lunchtime?  That still happens!  And students still sell Tootsie Pops all week long and collect the wrappers to see which class bought the most.  Seniors still get the Burger King crowns and decorate them for the pep rally.

But one of the neatest traditions at Lakeland Christian, in my opinion, is how the Homecoming Court is nominated.  Each of the students on the court is selected by their fellow classmates based on the following qualities: compassion, dependability, enthusiasm, humility, love, loyalty, patience and truthfulness.  The point of the LCS Homecoming Court is not mere popularity, but rather demonstration of Christian character.

The Senior Class is responsible for Homecoming each year, and as the senior class sponsor, I’m responsible for counting the ballots. Every year, I always have to throw a few out because students will vote for celebrities (Britney Spears, Tim McGraw) or faculty members (Mr. Stabler), but most students really do take it seriously.  Consistently, we end up with a fantastic group of students on the Homecoming Court.  In fact, just last week, I was asked how the court was chosen. The people asking just assumed that the faculty handpicked the court. I was pleased to assure them, again, that the LCS Homecoming is more than just a popularity contest.  Our students recognize their peers who possess these strong character qualities and choose to honor them with the nomination.

Tomorrow during the middle school and high school chapels, the junior and senior candidates will share their testimonies—another homecoming tradition—and then the high school students will vote for their prince, princess, king and queen.  At Friday night’s football game, the court will be recognized during halftime and last year’s king and queen—Craig Uria and Jenna Smithson (pictured above)—will pass on their crowns to another group of deserving students.

Congratulations to the 2012 Homecoming Court:

Freshmen: Kara Stacy & Christian Bedwell

Sophomores: Ann Portlock & Reid Reynolds

Juniors: Emily Carl, Rebekah Firmin, Brooke Wilsman Shane Buchanan, Brady Haag, Cody Averitt

Seniors: Allie Chmura, Kandace Crosby, Courtney Miles, Kirsti Mutz, Stephanie Powers Patrick Lucas, Josh Sessums, Joshua Stark, Andrew Williams, Phil Wilsman

Mrs. Sandy Johnson is the LCS Communication Specialist and Senior Class Advisor. You can contact her via email her at 

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