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 community service

community service

Does LCS have a community service requirement?  How many community service hours should I have?  How do I find community service opportunities?

These are all common questions that the Guidance Department answers about community service. While LCS does not have a community service requirement, we encourage our students to use their gifts and abilities to serve others in their communities.  Community service is a valuable developmental opportunity that can offer a positive overall life experience for students of all ages as they grown into citizens of the very communities they serve.  Involvement in community service activities is one of the aspects that colleges evaluate for admission.  Students that are involved in community service can also be eligible for various scholarship opportunities.

So, how many community service hours should a student have?

This all depends on what the student’s goals are.  To be eligible for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship, students need 75 hours for the lower paying award and 100 hours for the higher paying award.  National Honor Society students are required to earn 35 hours a year.  We do recognize students at graduation with 250+ hours.  Some of our students have graduated with over 1,000 hours!  It is not always how many hours that a student has, but the impact they are making in their community.  I encourage students to choose a community service program that allows them to use their gifts and abilities.  Something that they are passionate about and already enjoy doing.

Where do students find community service opportunities?

Students can find community service opportunities in a variety of places.  Church and school are two places students can look for opportunities.  Students can join a high school club that is service oriented. On the LCS website, there is a community service section that lists current and ongoing community service opportunities with contact information.  It is good to for students to have a variety of different types of service, but also focusing on a particular cause or project throughout high school.  Community service documentation forms are available on the LCS website and Secondary Offices.  Any questions about whether a particular activity would count for community service can be directed to the guidance department.

Have more questions?

If you have any other questions about community service, contact Mrs. Christy Lee, Director of Guidance, at or at 863-688-2771.

Mrs. Christy Lee serves LCS as the secondary guidance counselor. To reach Christy, you may email her at

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