A Resolution for Rest

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With the coming of a New Year, many of us have made resolutions to do something this year. I’d like to suggest that a more powerful resolution is to consider NOT doing some things that have crept into our lives and become “normal.” One of the most basic principles of life is that of Sabbath rest. The rhythm of the Sabbath is established in the first chapters of the Bible and has never been revoked. I think we often try to live against the grain of how we were created to function and then wonder why things don’t go well! As educators, we are constantly working with students that are over-scheduled and sleep deprived. Granted, we offer a lot of activities for our students, but perhaps we are guilty of thinking that it’s good for our students to be involved in all of them!

I would encourage your careful reading of the following article by a mom of four active kids who has attempted to put these matters into a biblical context and make responsible choices for her family.

It’s not your typical four paragraph blogpost. It will take a few minutes. It will be a good investment of your time. If you say you are too busy to read it………….you really need to read it!

Enjoy...and then pick one application to work on today!

How to Guard Sabbath for your Children, Gospel Coalition

Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster, has served at LCS for more than 40 years. To contact Dr. Sligh, email him at msligh@lcsonline.org

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