The Unsung Hero You Never Knew

 Lawrence Pigg

Lawrence Pigg

Lawrence Pigg retired from LCS last week after 17+ years of service that touched the lives of thousands of students. “I never met him” remarked one staff member. “What does he do?” Every student and staff member that has traveled on an LCS school bus in this century has been the beneficiary of the skill, hard work, and professional care that Lawrence Pigg has exercised in maintaining our bus fleet. He also cared for all items mechanical in our maintenance department. Whether it was mowing equipment, power tools, or busses, Lawrence has been “the man” to keep it all running. His highest priority has always been the safety of the children on those busses.

God’s Call

God calls talented folks to serve at LCS through a variety of means. I first met Lawrence and Mary Pigg when I taught their daughters, Connie (LCS ’74) and Donna (LCS ’78). They were both hard working, diligent students who reflected their parents’ work ethic and character. In 1999 we were leaving the library after a meeting with some of our parents when Connie, who by now was an LCS parent herself (Kim, LCS ’04) mentioned to then Business Manager, John Douglass that her father had just retired from the Polk County Schools Bus Maintenance staff. John was always quick to spot an opportunity for LCS to strengthen our staff and within two weeks Lawrence became a regular part of our maintenance staff devoted to keeping our busses running. He served in this essential position for the next 17 years.

Every part is important!

“The eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you…”  I Corinthians 12:21

Scripture uses the analogy of the body in describing how we are to work together in different roles to glorify God and advance His kingdom. Every part matters. Some of us serve in higher profile roles, others not so much. You can find some of us at the front of the room in meetings, pictured in brochures and web site pages, or even in the newspaper from time to time. While some of us strive to keep from being thrown under the proverbial bus, Lawrence was at home under the bus or under the hood! The reality is, folks like Lawrence Pigg are essential if LCS is to carry out our mission and to care well for our children while we do so.

In a celebrity obsessed culture that often overlooks the essential contributions of those behind the scenes, we would all do well to pause and consider the “Lawrence Piggs” in our lives. Twenty-plus years after his own children had graduated, Lawrence still cared about LCS and wanted to be part of bringing Christian schooling to more children. He wanted to do what he could to keep the busses running and most importantly, keep the children who rode them safe. Seventeen years and thousands of miles later he leaves a legacy of faithfulness for all who will follow in his steps.

Well done!

It was our privilege to honor Lawrence last week. A prayer of thanks, memories shared around a delicious meal together, some kind words of appreciation, and a pretty cool cake were all part of some special moments shared with Lawrence, Mary and their family. It has been our delight to be his colleague in the ministry that is LCS. Our words seem inadequate for the occasion but I’m sure he’ll hear the words of the Savior one day, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”

Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster, has served at LCS for more than 40 years. To contact Dr. Sligh, email him at

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