Warm (Beach) Greetings from the Senior Trip!

"What you are doing here this week will help clear the way to the cross for over 92,000 guests who will come one our grounds this year." As the director of Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center shared his appreciation with our seniors Tuesday morning, it reminded us all once again of the significance of our service and ministry in the Pacific Northwest. Our hearts were touched by the video of the Special Friends Camps held at Warm Beach each year for many folks with special needs who have aged out of the system and have very little joy in their lives. But that is only one aspect of this diverse ministry that provides a magnificent setting for family camps, parent-child camps, youth and adult camps and conferences and a Christmas celebration throughout December that draws over 50,000 visitors to consider the Savior in a region of the US where less than 3% of the population will attend church on Easter!

Why Warm Beach?

We have forged a unique symbiotic relationship with this ministry over the past ten years that has enabled us to have a continual involvement with what the Lord is doing to build His kingdom though the ministry of Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center. They do a great job of giving our students a vision for how the seniors are advancing God's kingdom by their work and join us in challenging our students to reflect on the trajectory that they will each set for their lives as the prepare to leave high school in the coming week. We provide over 1400 man-hours of labor each year to prepare this place for the thousands of guests whose lives will be touched at Warm Beach. Our students touch the hearts of many on the camp staff as well by their joyful energy and diligent work.

The Word along with the Work

Our tourist activities and work at the camp are not the whole story of the trip. The students also have time to study and reflect on the Word through our worship on Sunday morning led by Pastor Tim Rice and evening devotions led by Geoff Stabler and Ian Thomas of the LCS Bible Department. Early morning hours find some students enjoying the spectacular beauty of the camp as a quiet and inspiring setting for their own personal time in the Word before breakfast.

Those of us who are blessed with the responsibility of oversight of this significant undertaking share a special bond as well. We have rejoiced to see the growth and maturity of this ministry year by year. We rejoice with what God is going here and the folks here delight with what they see in our students over the years. It has been a special privilege for my wife, Mary and I to join the sponsor team of Darren Copeland, Ben Johnson, Connie Christensen, Roger Evans, Lydia Kinney, Geoff Stabler, Ian Thomas, Tim and Julie Rice, and Dean and Jill Johnson on this annual ministry adventure.

Warm Beach Staff encircle the seniors to pray for God's blessing on their lives.
Warm Beach Staff encircle the seniors to pray for God's blessing on their lives.

We finished our days of labor on the camp yesterday and will go into "tourist mode" today visiting Pike's Market and the Space Needle before packing up and heading for home, baccalaureate and commencement. We'll return with many fond and special memories, lots of stories to tell, the satisfaction that we have helped advance God's Kingdom, and gratitude for the opportunity to be in such a beautiful part of God's creation.

Thanks for your prayers for safe travels home and for the coming events to honor the Class of 2016. May the Lord bless and keep them as they launch into the future.

Dr. Mike Sligh, Headmaster, has served at LCS for more than 40 years. To contact Dr. Sligh, email him at msligh@lcsonline.org

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