Why Christian Schooling?

Since its founding in 1954, Lakeland Christian School has been dedicated to providing "Education in the Light of God's Word." In his book, Think, John Piper wrote:

Our aim is not to impart degrees... Our aim is not mainly to impart facts... Our aim is not mainly to impart skills for a trade or profession... Our aim is to build into the student habits of mind and heart that will never leave them and will fit them for a lifetime of ongoing growth. The well-educated person is the person who has the habits of mind and heart to go on learning what he needs to learn to live in a Christ-exalting way for the rest of his life - and that would apply to whatever sphere of life he pursues.

Why Christian Schooling?


As you make decisions regarding the education of your children, remember that these decisions are among the most important and influential ones that you will make as a parent. During their school years, your children will not only be learning math, English and science; they will be forming friendships, values and worldviews. That is why a Christian education is so important. We want our students to learn to view every aspect of life and learning from a biblical perspective.

At Lakeland Christian School, our mission is to serve as an extension of the Christian home and as a partner with the local, evangelical church in the Christian education of children. Through biblical integration in the classroom, weekly chapel time and the influence of our faculty, staff and coaches, the Christian values that our students learn at home can be reinforced and internalized by the time they walk across the stage and receive their diplomas.


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