• More than 350 students enrolled in grades 9-12.
  • School families represent over 140 different local churches.
  • The student body is made up of a cross section of social and economic groups.
  • Student average test scores are above the local, state and national average on the TerraNova Achievement Test.
  • Ninety percent of students choose a college preparatory track.
  • Ninety-five percent of all LCS graduates pursue post-secondary education
  • The student body comprises academically talented students who strive within the college preparatory curriculum and students with learning disabilities who are challenged through Special Programs and basic courses.

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Meet Your Principals

Dr. Keith Overholt – Secondary Principal

Where you grew up: Hazel Park, MI
Where you graduated from high school: Mountainside Christian Academy in Schroon Lake, NY
College and Graduate Education Info (college, degrees, years): Clark Summit University – Bachelor of Science in Bible/Christian School Education (1993); Clark Summit University – Master of Science in Christian School Education/Administration (2006);  Southeastern University - Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership (2017)
When did you come to LCS: Started at LCS in 1993.
Where else have you taught/served as an administrator: This is the only school I have served in.  I taught 4th grade, 6th grade served as the Assistant Principal for Middle School and now as Secondary Principal. 
Family information: Wife: Jen;  Kids: Carter, Olivia, Reese, Jackson, Ellie, Ainsley, Piper
Anything else you want to include (i.e., church or civic involvement): Member of Heritage Baptist Church where I serve as a deacon and teach the High school Sunday School Class.

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Mr. Darren Copeland - Assistant Principal for High School

I primarily grew up in the northern Midwest.  I was born in Detroit, Michigan, and lived in Michigan through most of my early years, with some short stints in Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri before moving to Florida at age fifteen.  I had the unique opportunity of attending ten different schools in the ten years prior to my sophomore year of high school.  My family moved to Lakeland at the end of my ninth grade year and I began attending LCS in tenth grade.

After graduating from LCS in 1990, I attended Central Michigan University. I received my Bachelor’s degree in 1994 in Business Administration with a major in finance.  I worked in the private sector at Lockheed Martin for four years before making a career shift and going into Education.  I worked for Polk County Public Schools for ten years, five as a middle school physical education teacher, at both Lakeland Highlands Middle and Stambaugh Middle Schools, one year as Dean of Discipline at Stambaugh, and four years as assistant principal at Bartow Middle School.  In 2002 I received a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

I began working at LCS in the summer of 2007 in my current position as assistant high school principal.  In the time that I have been at LCS I have also taught life management, psychology/sociology and Life Calling.  I coordinate our club programs, sponsor the Student Council, serve as a senior class advisor, and oversee student development.

I count it a privilege to be a part of the LCS family, so much so that it is a big part of my own family. I have been married to my wife Jennifer, who also teaches at LCS, since 1997.  We have two sons who are both students at the school.  We attend Christ Community Presbyterian Church.

God has blessed me and my family tremendously by allowing us to be a part of this ministry at LCS.  I cherish the opportunities that I have each and every day to use my gifts to impact the lives of the young people God has entrusted to me.  LCS has been a big part of my life since I was a teenager, and I hope to instill that same sense of community, belonging and pride in our current students.  I want to help them understand who they are before a holy God and to impact their lives for eternity.

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All curriculum choices are based upon the school's theme, "Education in light of God's Word." Christian and secular texts are utilized. Biblical thought and Christian perspective are integrated within each discipline. Teachers are viewed as the living curriculum whose impact is beyond the written text. All teachers believe the Bible to be the absolute standard of truth.

LCS Curriculum Guide, 2017-2018

Secondary Curriculum:


Prentice Hall curriculum is utilized in the Language Arts.  Students are taught literature and composition each year.  A special emphasis is placed on writing and vocabulary.  Both regular and honors classes are offered at the high school level.  Advanced Placement Language (11th grade) and Advanced Placement Literature (12th grade) are provided for students with above average ability and motivation.  Basic classes are also offered on middle and high levels.  Each grade level has grade-appropriate required reading lists.


Prentice Hall materials are primarily used in math sequence. Math elective publishers include Houghton-Mifflin, McDougal and Glencoe. Basic math for middle school grades use the Saxon text.  Basic skills are reviewed and emphasized throughout the high school curriculum and are a significant factor in math placement. Four years of high school math are required for graduation. Upper level math courses include AP Calculus and Statistics.


Lakeland Christian School teaches creation science.  Christian publications are used in the middle grades.  Upper level physical and life science offerings utilize secular texts but are taught from a biblical world view.  Electives include chemistry, physics, physiology, marine biology, and environmental science.  Lab components are a significant part of the honors science classes.  Advanced Placement Biology is offered and an AP Chemistry class is scheduled for 2009.

Social Studies:  

A variety of secular publishers, including Glencoe, Houghton Mifflin, and Prentice Hall, are used in the social studies department.  Texts are reviewed as to their approach to Christian viewpoint and conservative bent.  United States History is taught in the 8th and 11th grades.  Geography and culture are emphasized in the 7th and 9th grades.  World history is the focus in the 10th grade.  Seniors are required to take government and economics.  Advanced Placement U.S. History, World History and Government are offered. Students can take dual-enrollment courses in US and World Civilizations. Social studies electives include Honors World History, sociology, world religions and psychology.


Surveys of the Old and New Testaments are taught in the middle grades leading to studies in church history, doctrine, Greek, world religions, and Bible study methods in the upper grades.  Seniors are challenged through the works of C. S. Lewis and materials which contrast secular philosophy with the Christian world view.  Christian character and biblical lifestyles are addressed throughout the curriculum.  Upper level Bible teachers develop their own curriculum, but they utilize materials from Christian Schools International and the Association of Christian Schools International.  The New International Version of the Bible is used in Bible classes.

Foreign Language:   

Lakeland Christian School requires all high school students to take a minimum of one year in foreign language.  Four levels of Spanish are offered using McDougal Littell materials. Spanish II, III and IV are taught at an honors level.  A two-year Latin study is offered with an Allyn and Bacon text.  The first year focuses on vocabulary and grammar leading to translation of Caesar in the second year. Introductory Spanish is taught in the middle grades wheel.


The school provides extensive piano, vocal, and instrumental programs. A unique piano program provides weekly lessons for students in grades two thru twelve.  Students perform in a variety of festivals and performances throughout the year.  The vocal programprovides choirs on all school levels.  There are four distinct school bands beginning in the 5th grade.  The school is amember of both the Florida Vocal and Florida Band Associations and compete on the district and state levels. Students also participate in different solo and ensemble festivals as well as county and state groups.


A variety of electives are offered to students.  Some courses are required to meet state guidelines.  Electives in physical education, art, music, media, business, drafting, journalism, home economics, and technology enable students to pursue their interests and explore areas related to vocational choices.  The middle grades curriculum includes a wheel program with offerings in music, art, technology, journalism, health, and Spanish.

Test Scores

Lakeland Christian School students consistently score above the local, state and national average for the TerraNova, CTB Achievement Tests, the SAT and the ACT tests.

SAT Averages (of 2014):

SAT Averages


ACT Averages (as of 2014):

ACT Averages


2015 TerraNova, CTB Achievement Test Scores – Mean National Percentiles:

TeraNova Scores, Grades 9-11

School Hours

Secondary students will now begin the school day at 7:50 AM. The Secondary Bell Schedules are listed below.

Regular Bell Schedule

1st period – 7:50-8:42 AM
2nd period – 8:47-9:34 AM
3rd period – 9:39-10:26 AM
4th period – 10:31-11:18 AM
5th period – 11:23-12:10 PM
Lunch – 12:10-12:34 PM
6th period – 12:39-1:26 PM
7th period – 1:31-2:18 PM
8th period – 2:23-3:10 PM


Pep Rally Schedule

1st period – 7:50-8:42 AM
2nd period – 8:47-9:34 AM
3rd period – 9:39-10:26 AM
4th period – 10:31-11:18 AM
5th period – 11:23-12:10 PM
Lunch – 12:10-12:34 PM
6th period – 12:39-1:13 PM
7th period – 1:18-1:52 PM
8th period – 1:57-2:40 PM
Pep Rally – 2:45-3:10 PM

Chapel Bell Schedule – Thursday

1st period – 7:50-8:30 AM
2nd period - 8:35-9:12 AM
Chapel – 9:17-9:54 AM
3rd period – 9:59-10:36 AM
4th period – 10:41-11:18 AM
5th period – 11:23-12:10 PM
Lunch – 12:10-12:34 PM
6th period – 12:39-1:26 PM
7th period – 1:31-2:18 PM
8th period – 2:23-3:10 PM


Late Start Day Schedule

5th period – 9:00-9:30 AM
6th period – 9:35-10:05 AM
7th period – 10:10-10:40 AM
8th period – 10:45-11:18 AM
1st period – 11:23 AM-12:10 PM
Lunch - 12:10-12:34 PM
2nd period – 12:39-1:26 PM
3rd period – 1:31-2:18 PM
4th period – 2:23-3:10 PM

Class Meeting Bell Schedule

1st period – 7:50-8:42 AM
2nd period – 8:47-9:34 AM
3rd period – 9:39-10:26 AM
4th period – 10:31-11:18 AM
5th period – 11:23-12:10 PM
Lunch – 12:10-12:34 PM
6th period – 12:39-1:13 PM
Class Meetings - 1:18-1:52 PM
7th period – 1:57-2:31 PM
8th period – 2:36-3:10 PM