Kylah Blough Wins 3rd Place and $1000 in Research Contest

LCS research student, Kylah Blough, submitted her research for a contest hosted by a Florida company, Ocean Optics, to try and get a piece of equipment that is needed to improve the quality of her research. She won third place for her science communication piece, which is a $1000 equipment credit to get what she needs.

Tracey Jones, head of the Spectroscopy Star project at Ocean Optics, had this to say about Kylah, “Our staff really enjoyed your UV light reflectance video and we learned something in the process! To be involved in spectroscopy at such a young age is quite inspiring to all of us here at Ocean Optics. Thank you for your very informative submission!”

Blough was up against professionals across the spectrum in engineering and science, and has made her case for support of her research; just like scientists do by writing grants!

See Kylah Blough’s submission: