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Congratulations to the many band students who received high ratings at the district band solo & ensemble festival

The Lord blessed us abundantly over the past weekend at the district band solo & ensemble festival. Congratulations to the many band students, 6th through 12th grade that had amazing performances! Every student received ratings that earned them a medal. We had 64 superior ratings, earning 110 superior medals! Also, many thanks to Mrs. Latham and Mrs. Fung for their help accompanying and coaching the students. Soli Deo Gloria!

6th Grade

All Superior Ratings!

Fin Donay- Flute Solo

Lydia Stabler- Flute Solo

Ella Walls- Flute Solo

Annabelle Miller- Oboe Solo

Jack Grant- Clarinet Solo

Madi Johnson- Clarinet Solo

Elizabeth Miller- Clarinet Solo

Molly Newsome- Clarinet Solo

Sarah St. Germain- Clarinet Solo

Henry Varnum- Bass Clarinet Solo

Cadence Deese- Alto Sax Solo

Taylor Logan- Trumpet Solo

Sarah Workman- Trumpet Solo

Gracie St. Germain- Horn Solo

Kaeli Teagan- Horn Solo

Tianh Gosch- Trombone Solo

John Workman- Trombone Solo

Isaac Cleveland- Euphonium Solo

Nicholas Roll- Euphonium Solo

Dylan Tirrell- Tuba Solo

Lucy Scarborough- Snare Drum Solo

Lucy Scarborough- Mallet Solo

Flute Trio– Fin Donay, Lydia Stabler, & Ella Walls

Clarinet Duet– Elizabeth Miller & Molly Newsome

Trumpet Duet- Taylor Logan & Sarah Workman

Trumpet Duet- Jack Dainty & Caleb McDonald

Brass Trio- Sarah Workman, Kaeli Teagan & Tianh Gosch

Brass Quintet– Taylor Logan, Sarah Workman, Kaeli Teagan, Isaac Cleveland, &            Dylan Tirrell

7th & 8th Grade

Superior Rating

Lauren Jones- Flute Solo

Rena Wilson- Flute Solo

Myah Kane- Flute Solo

Peyton Stabler- Flute Solo

Allan Stewart- Oboe Solo

McKenna Gravitt- Clarinet Solo

Skyler Grooms- Clarinet Solo

Jai Mitchell- Clarinet Solo 

Corinne Nasello- Clarinet Solo

Cale Strickland- Alto Sax Solo

Mylan Collins- Trumpet Solo

Ashley Logan- Trumpet Solo

CJ Miller- Horn Solo

Juliana Anderson- Trombone Solo 

Sean Valentine- Tuba Solo

Mark Dainty – Tuba Solo

Flute Duet– Lily Sirianni & Rena Wilson

Oboe Duet- Allan Stewart & Annabelle Miller (6th)

Clarinet Duet- McKenna Gravitt & Skyler Grooms

Clarinet Quartet- Jai Mitchell, Mackenzie Edds, Carolina Miranda, & Jonas Streets

Trumpet Trio- Miles Davis, Ethan Edds, & Everett Volheim

Trombone Duet– Juliana Anderson & Jaxon Hatcher          

Brass Quintet– Mylan Collins, Ashley Logan, CJ Miller, Jaxon Hatcher, & Mark Dainty

Excellent Rating

Jacob Crosby- Trombone Solo

Lily Sirianni   – Snare Drum Solo

Woodwind Trio- Lauren Jones, Skyler Grooms, and Allan Stewart

Trumpet Duet- Ashley Logan & Caile Graves

High School

Superior Rating

Katie Jones- Flute Solo

Kylah Blough- Flute Solo

Lane McRae- Bass Clarinet Solo 

Anna Lowe- Alto Sax Solo

Sun Woo Lee- Bari Sax Solo

Hannah Miller- Trumpet Solo

Jordan Nuthalapaty- Snare Drum Solo

Flute Duet- Katie Jones & Kylah Blough

Flute Trio- Bailey Hicks, Katie Jones & Kylah Blough

Woodwind Choir- Katie Jones, Kylah Blough, Bailey Hicks, Katherine Grubb, Hillary Vargas, Tina Zhang, Katherine Whatley, Lane McRae, Anna Lowe, Seth Martinez, Sun Woo Lee, Ajeyaa Niver (8th), & Cale Strickland (7th)

Trumpet Trio- Erica Owen, Brock Copeland, and Ethan Caswell

Euphonium Trio- Jack Grubb, Josh Plyler, & Jackson Overholt 

Mallet Quartet Avery Bryant, Lauren Nonnenmocher, Jordan Nuthalapaty, and Wenjo Lai

Excellent Rating

Ethan Caswell- Trumpet Solo

Wenjo Lai- Snare Drum Solo

Brass Choir- Hannah Miller, Brock Copeland, Erica Owen, Kylie Kirkman, Ethan Caswell, Emma Robinson, Emma Galbraith, Luke Jones, Jack Grubb, Josh Plyler, Jackson Overholt, Tag Hunt  

In addition, the following events qualified for State!

Katie Jones- Flute Solo
Anna Lowe- Alto Sax Solo
Sun Woo Lee- Bari Sax Solo
Hannah Miller- Trumpet Solo

All the students who participated this weekend worked very hard in their preparation and should be congratulated!

Mindi MulliganDirector of Bands