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LCS Students Being Inducted into NHS

Lakeland Christian School

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Lakeland Christian School

One of the core values of LCS is the belief that we are partnering with parents in the Christian education of their children. We believe that mutual respect, communication and involvement by all partners is essential for success of our mission.LCS is a school. We believe that being a Christian school and being a top-flight academic institution should not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we take the mandate of Colossians 3:23 that calls us to strive to be the best. We provide a variety of rigorous, engaging, academic and co-curricular activities that enable students to identify and express the full range of their unique gifts and abilities.

48 students on being inducted into the National Honor Society:

Faith Albritton ________________10th Grade
Landon Benson_______________10th Grade
Maxcy Chaney________________10th Grade
Jeremiah Collier_______________10th Grade
Brady Copeland_______________10th Grade
Cheney Curls_________________10th Grade
Alexander Drost_______________10th Grade
Henry Elliott__________________10th Grade
Sara Foster___________________10th Grade
Emma Galbraith________________10th Grade
Karis Gibson__________________10th Grade
Samantha Hessler______________10th Grade
Bailey Hicks___________________10th Grade
Gracie Hill____________________10th Grade
Makayla Hill___________________10th Grade
Katherine Jones________________10th Grade
Amina Khamitova_______________10th Grade
Cade Lawson__________________10th Grade
Isabella Locke__________________10th Grade
Anna Lowe____________________10th Grade
Caleb MacDonald_______________10th Grade
Hudson MacDonald _____________10th Grade
Cathryn Miles__________________10th Grade
Katherine Miller_________________10th Grade
Peyton Miller___________________10th Grade
Alexa Mulkey___________________10th Grade
Breanna Newberg_______________10th Grade
Lauren Nonnenmocher___________10th Grade
Jackson Overholt_______________ 10th Grade
Erica Owen____________________10th Grade
Evan Parker____________________10th Grade
Taylor Radford__________________10th Grade
Riley Rhoden___________________10th Grade
Kevin Rivera____________________10th Grade
Emma Robinson_________________10th Grade
Olivia Sale_____________________10th Grade
Carter Sandman________________ 10th Grade
Alexis Singer___________________10th Grade
James Smith___________________10th Grade
Blake Tyson___________________ 10th Grade
Katherine Williams______________ 10th Grade
Suzanne Allen _________________ 11th Grade
Olivia Brown ___________________11th Grade
Eli Hill ________________________11th Grade
Avery White ___________________ 11th Grade
Britain Musick __________________12th Grade
Ana Pompa ____________________12th Grade
Samantha Thompson ____________ 12th Grade