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New Faces Around Campus

Lakeland Christian School

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Lakeland Christian School

One of the core values of LCS is the belief that we are partnering with parents in the Christian education of their children. We believe that mutual respect, communication and involvement by all partners is essential for success of our mission.LCS is a school. We believe that being a Christian school and being a top-flight academic institution should not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we take the mandate of Colossians 3:23 that calls us to strive to be the best. We provide a variety of rigorous, engaging, academic and co-curricular activities that enable students to identify and express the full range of their unique gifts and abilities.

Meet Mrs. Kristen Hamrick, a new World History & AP US History teacher in the high school department.

Mrs. Hamrick, how did you come to join the LCS family?

“I’ve been teaching for 7 years now, either in a public or charter school in Polk County. When I moved to the south side of Lakeland, I started hearing more about LCS and began to think that it sounded like a great place to plant myself as a teacher. During this past school year, I had been praying a lot about whether or not God wanted me to stay at the school were I was teaching, and in late January I felt a tug to check the LCS website to see what openings there were. Sure enough, there was a High School Social Studies position open, and the rest is history!”

Mrs. Hamrick, what is your favorite part of teaching your subject?

“It is so hard to narrow down my favorite part about teaching Social Studies. I love teaching about real events that actually occurred, about how they relate to each other, and how we can apply what we learn from history into our lives today. I am so excited to teach World History, because it is a subject that I have not gotten to teach very often yet in my career. I’m also looking forward to teaching AP US History (this will be the third year I’ve taught it), because US History is one of my favorite subjects to teach.”

Mrs. Hamrick, what is something interesting about you we can share with our LCS families?

“When I’m not teaching, I’m the Worship Director at Ardella Baptist Church here in Lakeland. I’ve always loved music and worship leading, and I love getting to do that at church every week. My husband James and I are both in school right now – he is in paramedic school and I am getting my Masters in American History! Also, I am originally from the Chicago suburbs and am a HUGE Chicago Cubs fan!”

Thank you Mrs. Hamrick, and WELCOME!

Meet Mrs. Brittney Medina, new to our Student Services Elementary Office.

Mrs. Medina, what led you to LCS?

“As a family we have been fortunate enough to be a part of the LCS community since my kids were in K4. I am excited to be working at my kids’ school and be a part of the LCS team.”

What excites you most about what you teach/do in your new position?

“I’m looking forward to building relationships with the students and encouraging them every day.”

What are some fun facts we can share about you?

“Hmmmm… a fun fact about me??? I grew up loving water sports… skiing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding. My favorite is slalom water skiing!”

Thank you Mrs. Medina, and WELCOME!

Meet Mrs. Brittany Chambliss, our new School Nurse!

Mrs. Chambliss, what led you to LCS? 

“What led me to LCS is how they don’t just make the gospel a part of their curriculum but really teach children that the gospel is in every aspect of life.”  

Mrs. Chambliss, what excites you most about what you do in your new position?  

“I am excited to be able to help keep our kids healthy and in class.  Meeting the child where they are and hopefully making an impact, whether big or small.”  

Mrs. Chambliss, what are some fun facts we can share about you? 

“I love to bake! I’ve been a nurse for 11 years. And I love the beach!” 

Thank you Mrs. Chambliss, and WELCOME!

Meet Mrs. Autumn Matthews, a new team member to our Middle School Discovery Program.

Mrs. Matthews, what led you to LCS?  

“God…and the Discovery Program!  Three years ago, we began searching for a school for our son. When we interviewed at LCS, we knew we were ‘home!” 

Mrs. Matthews, what excites you most about what you will do in your new position?  

“I am most excited to see the expansion of the Discovery Program! I will be working in Middle School with 6th graders. Not only do I assist with academics, I also get to help my students run and operate the Uniform Shop!”

Mrs. Matthews, what are some fun facts we can share about you?

“I am originally from West Virginia. I play sax! I have a law degree. And my 5yr old son is teaching me how to code computers!”

Thank you Mrs. Matthews, and WELCOME!

MEET MRS. Kristen Grafton, A NEW High School English Teacher.

Mrs. Grafton, what led you to LCS?  

“I am an LCS grad! I attended LCS for my high school years, and my high school experience was everything I ever could have wanted and more. I believe wholeheartedly in what LCS is doing for its students both spiritually and academically. LCS is like family and a big part of the reason I am where I am today. I am so excited to be on the other side of the equation to educate students in the light of God’s Word.”

Mrs. Grafton, what excites you most about what you will do in your new position?

“As an avid reader and English teacher, I love literature. I love guiding students to dig deeper into the meaning of books and exploring how and why authors communicate the way that they do. I also love writing and teaching students to express their thoughts in the written word. I think it is empowering for students to learn to write well. As an alumna, I know just how many doors were opened for me due to my excellent LCS education, specifically in English. I love helping students become the best writers they can be so that they can achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.”

Mrs. Grafton, what are some fun facts we can share about you?

“I am left-handed, I was a triple major in college, I am conversational in American Sign Language, I enjoy creative writing, and I am a huge hockey fan!”

Thank you Mrs. Grafton, and WELCOME!