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Updated Return to School Plan Released

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Lakeland Christian School

One of the core values of LCS is the belief that we are partnering with parents in the Christian education of their children. We believe that mutual respect, communication and involvement by all partners is essential for success of our mission.LCS is a school. We believe that being a Christian school and being a top-flight academic institution should not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, we take the mandate of Colossians 3:23 that calls us to strive to be the best. We provide a variety of rigorous, engaging, academic and co-curricular activities that enable students to identify and express the full range of their unique gifts and abilities.

A Letter from Dr. Sligh (7/22/20)

Dear Parent,

We are looking forward to having our campus come alive again very soon! It will be wonderful to welcome students back to campus and to see our outstanding faculty return to their calling of providing Education in the Light of God’s Word. A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks and we want to provide you with updates on our new start date, the revised Return to School Plan, information on our
new LCS Live option, and schedules for orientation. Thank you for persevering through this lengthy message. There is a lot to communicate as we prepare to start the school year.

Classes for all grades will begin on Wednesday, August 12. This two-day delay in the start will enable us to provide more time for our faculty to become familiar with new technology being installed in our classrooms as well as some of the protocols being implemented to provide a safe setting for students and staff. Beginning with a three-day week will make the adjustment back to school a little easier given the fact we’ve been away for five months!

Our revised Return to School Plan contains a few notable updates. Our plan today is to open in Mode 2 with some additional mitigation practices. We have added wearing of face coverings for faculty and staff. We have also added this requirement for grades 3-12 when social distancing is not feasible. Students will be required to wear these when they leave their cars until they arrive in their classroom. Elementary students will function in their home room “family” throughout the day and will be able to function most of the day without face coverings. Given the size of secondary classes and their changing of classes, they will be required to wear face coverings most of the time. We recognize that this is
controversial for some, but we believe it gives us the best opportunity to keep our students on campus safely. We want to do all we can to protect that opportunity. The Return to School Plan also includes some specifics related to Elementary students.

We recognize that we have several families who are not comfortable with sending their students back to campus. We respect this decision and will be providing the opportunity for students to receive a live video feed at home from their regular classes so that they can remain part of LCS and receive instruction in real time along with their classmates. They will follow their normal class schedule throughout the day, turn in work like students who are on campus and be expected to maintain normal academic progress. LCS Live students will be required to meet normal attendance requirements and be engaged in their classes each school day. This provision will also serve those students who may have to quarantine as we
manage the realities of the ongoing COVID situation. More information on LCS Live is attached. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SIGNING UP FOR LCS Live, YOU NEED TO NOTIFY the appropriate administrator BY FRIDAY, JULY 24.

Middle School:
High School:

Orientation activities will be provided in a combination of live meetings and zoom for those who are not ready to return to campus. Orientation schedules are attached.

Waiver form: We are taking care to implement several mitigation strategies to reduce the likelihood of students or staff becoming infected with COVID. No matter how effectively we execute on those plans, the reality is that we will have infections. We will be updating our sickness policies to address COVID infections, quarantine protocols, etc. so that we will all know how that works. It is obvious that in this current environment, there is inherent risk in being with large groups of people. Though we will do what we can to encourage distance between people, it is always not feasible to maintain social distancing . We want everyone to be careful but also to have realistic expectations in an uncertain time. This summer we implemented a waiver form to be signed by parents when enrolling students into our Camp LCS program. Considering the continuing COVID pandemic, we will be implementing a waiver for parents to sign before students return to campus. This will be made available as a web form for electronic signature through FACTS (formerly RENWEB). We will notify you when this form is online and ready for your signature.

Thank you for persevering through this lengthy message. I hope the information is helpful as we all look forward to our 66th year of Christian schooling at LCS.
Here we go!

Mike Sligh, Ed. D.

Download the new Return to School Plan and LCS Live forms below.