Quick Facts:

  • More than 270 students enrolled in grades 6-8.
  • School families represent over 140 different local churches.
  • The student body is made up of a cross section of social and economic groups.
  • Student average test scores are above the local, state and national average on the TerraNova Achievement Test.

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Middle School:

Lakeland Christian School’s Middle School program provides a caring environment to nurture young adolescents through these formative years. Located on the third floor of the Elementary/Middle School Building, the entire program encourages character development and focuses on biblical principles for building life relationships

In the middle school at LCS, our goal is to provide a safe place where we can partner with parents to help guide students through a challenging time of life.  This can be an exciting time when many changes are taking place.  We want students to successfully transition from the dependence of middle school to the independence of high school.  We emphasize personal responsibility.

The curriculum reinforces the basics of the elementary program and prepares students for the rigors of high school academics. Math, science, English, social studies, physical education and Bible are taught at each level. Advanced courses in math and science are also offered. Students select electives including band, choir, art and computers.

At LCS we use technology as an accelerator of learning. All students in grades 6-8 participate in a “bring-your-own-device” 1:1 iPad program. The program uses digital curriculum materials, student collaboration tools, and individualized instruction in all subject areas with the goal of enhancing student learning.

In addition to academic preparation, students have ample opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities in a variety of sports, music programs, and leadership opportunities such as Junior National Honor Society and student government.

Meet Your Principals

Keith Overholt – Secondary Principal

Where you grew up: Hazel Park, MI
Where you graduated from high school: Mountainside Christian Academy in Schroon Lake, NY
College and Graduate Education Info (college, degrees, years): Clark Summit University – Bachelor of Science in Bible/Christian School Education (1993); Clark Summit University – Master of Science in Christian School Education/Administration (2006);  Southeastern University - Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership (2017)
When did you come to LCS: Started at LCS in 1993.
Where else have you taught/served as an administrator: This is the only school I have served in.  I taught 4th grade, 6th grade served as the Assistant Principal for Middle School and now as Secondary Principal. 
Family information: Wife: Jen;  Kids: Carter, Olivia, Reese, Jackson, Ellie, Ainsley, Piper
Anything else you want to include (i.e., church or civic involvement): Member of Heritage Baptist Church where I serve as a deacon and teach the High school Sunday School Class.

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Scott Cunningham – Asst. Middle School Principal 

Scott Cunningham has a B.A. in English from Texas A&M University and completed additional work for his teaching certification at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has a Masters of Education from Columbia International University with a double emphasis on Educational Administration and Instructional and Learning. Prior to coming to LCS, Scott served as Assistant Principal for Academics at Highlands International School in La Paz, Bolivia. His four years in administration there were preceded by five years of teaching high school English at Highlands. Scott was the son of missionaries to Nigeria, and after college, he returned to serve on the faculty of Hillcrest, the school where he was educated. Scott and his wife, Sarah, have a son, Scott III, and attend Trinity Presbyterian Church.

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The Middle School curriculum is designed to meet the student's needs now as well as prepare them to be successful in high school.

The required courses for middle school students are as follows:

6th Grade Bible
Social Studies
Physical Education
English 6*
Math 6*

7th Grade Bible
Life Science
Social Studies
Physical Education
English 7*
Math 7, Pre-Algebra*

8th Grade Bible
Earth Science
U.S. History/Civics
Physical Education
English 8*
Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1*

*Basic classes are available in these classes.  Placement is determined by test scores, grades and teacher placement.

Along with the core academic classes, students have elective classes to choose from.  The elective choices are listed below by grade level.

6th grade- Band, Choir, Electives (Art, Computer, Music, Spanish)
7th grade- Band, Choir, Electives (Computer, Music, Living Skills, Spanish), Teacher Aide
8th grade- Band, Choir, Electives (Music, Computer, Journalism, Spanish), Teacher Aide

Advanced math students are able to take Pre-Algebra in 7th grade and Algebra I in 8th grade.  This class counts for high school credit.

RISE Institute:

The RISE Institute at Lakeland Christian School provides a place for community collaboration, benefiting all students. The Program engages all students by enriching the regular curriculum in innovative and exciting ways. Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and inventors are welcomed into the classroom both in person and through the innovative use of technology.

STEM Learning with a Twist: 

A hallmark of the RISE Institute is independent research following the INTEL Science and Engineering Fair model. Students develop a project that allows them to delve deeply into an area of interest and to become an expert. Research projects are used to help students connect to experts in the STEM community, both locally and around the world.

RISE Institute Distinctives:

Discovery science modules for all middle schoolers combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Special opportunities for kids who are passionate about science
Independent research following the INTEL model
Partnerships with researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs
Travel, including annual Research Science Expeditions and field study at school

Field Trips

Middle school students have several opportunities throughout the year to get hands-on learning experiences outside of the classroom. Here are just a few of the field trip opportunities:

6th grade field trip - Students participate in a local educational activity. This experience location varies from year to year. 

7th grade ropes course/team building- Students spend one day on campus doing activities, working with younger students, they go off campus for a service project.  The second day is a trip to a high/low ropes challenge course where they do team building activities

8th grade- A class trip to Tallahassee where they will get a tour of the city including a visit to the capitol, supreme court, meet state congressman. 

School Hours

Regular Bell Schedule

1st period – 7:50-8:42 AM
2nd period – 8:47-9:34 AM
3rd period – 9:39-10:26 AM
4th period – 10:31-11:18 AM
Lunch – 11:18-11:42 AM
5th period – 11:47-12:34 PM

6th period – 12:39-1:26 PM
7th period – 1:31-2:18 PM
8th period – 2:23-3:10 PM

Chapel Bell Schedule - Thursday

1st period – 7:50-8:30 AM
Chapel – 8:35-9:12 AM
2nd period – 9:17-9:54 AM

3rd period – 9:59-10:36 AM
4th period – 10:41-11:18 AM
Lunch – 11:18-11:42 AM
5th period – 11:47-12:34 PM

6th period – 12:39-1:26 PM
7th period – 1:31-2:18 PM
8th period – 2:23-3:10 PM

Activity/Club Bell Schedule

1st period – 7:50-8:42 AM
2nd period – 8:47-9:34 AM
3rd period – 9:39-10:26 AM
4th period – 10:31-11:18 AM
Lunch – 11:18-11:42 AM
5th period – 11:47-12:34 PM
6th period – 12:39-1:13 PM

Clubs/Activity – 1:18-1:52 PM
7th period – 1:57-2:31 PM
8th period – 2:36-3:10 PM

Pep Rally Schedule

1st period – 7:50-8:42 AM
2nd period – 8:47-9:34 AM
3rd period – 9:39-10:26 AM
4th period – 10:31-11:18 AM
Lunch – 11:18-11:42 AM
5th period – 11:47-12:34 PM
6th period – 12:39-1:13 PM

7th period – 1:18-1:52 PM
8th period – 1:57-2:40 PM
Pep Rally – 2:45-3:10 PM

Late Start Day Schedule

5th period – 9:00-9:30 AM
6th period – 9:35-10:05 AM
7th period – 10:10-10:40 AM
8th period – 10:45-11:18 AM
Lunch - 11:18-11:42
1st period – 11:47 AM-12:34 PM
2nd period – 12:39-1:26 PM
3rd period – 1:31-2:18 PM
4th period – 2:23-3:10 PM