Vocalists Strong at District Solo & Ensemble

Secondary vocal students performed at the District Solo & Ensemble on Saturday, January 31. Congratulations to the following students on a job well done: HIGH SCHOOL:

Superior – Moving on to State Level after Spring Break:

  • Solos: Christian Bedwell, Kristen Davis, Brooke Hammack, Kara Stacy
  • Duets:Kara Stacy & Vaviel Verner; Kristen Davis & Abigail Garrard; Shelby Bedwell & Cheyenne Stonick; Brooke Hammack & Sarah Tucker
  • Women’s Ensemble
  • Chamber Ensemble



  •  Solo: Caroline Kitchens




  • Solos: Carter Chaplin, Carter Ferguson. Ava Hoyle
  • Duets: Hailey Caylor & Presley Philpot; Kendall Brown & Miolie Rock
  • Trio: Carter Chaplin, Carter Ferguson & Christopher Lamb
  • Ensemble: Hailey Caylor, Zenna Franco, Carlton Howard, Ava Hoyle, Presley Philpot



  • Duet: Carter Ferguson & Christopher Lamb
  • Trio: Kelsey Beck, Britain Musick & Samantha Thompson
  • Quartet: Kelsey Beck, Britain Musick, Brianna Moore & Samantha Thompson



Duet:     Kendall Brown & Brianna Moore

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