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The RISE Institute provides the opportunity for students to engage in advanced project-based learning through independent scientific research, engineering challenges, engagement with law and public policy, film production, and entrepreneurship.


Courses include:

  •  High School Honors: Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • High School Honors: Science Research & Communication
  • High School Honors: Experimental Science with a Pre-Med Focus
  • High School Honors: Experimental Science with a Biotechnology Focus
  • Middle School and High School: Jr. Youth in Government and Youth in Government
  • Middle School and High School: RISE Design
  • Middle School: Intro to RISE invites students to try a wide variety of project-based learning opportunities that may include scientific research, urban farming, business and social entrepreneurship, law and public policy, film production, photography, robotics, computer programming and game design.

Students have the opportunity to attend special events including “Lunch and Learn” guest speaker opportunities, field experiences, the University of Florida’s Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium to present their research, the annual RISE camping trip, and more.

Students gain access to a rich, interesting world of opportunity to learn from mentors, access equipment for scientific research and film projects, and spend time with like-minded students.

Through a partnership with Southeastern University, dual enrollment electives are offered, including Business Law 1/2 and Criminal Law/ American Court Systems in alternating years.  The courses are taught by a highly qualified professor who is also an attorney and fulfill both high school and college credit requirements.